Report: Lifting the Lid on Digital Behaviour


How many of us stay logged into our apps and services all the time? How common is it for people to share essential passwords? And what about creeping on friends’ social media profiles – who’s up to that?

We commissioned market researchers at YouGov to survey 2000 UK adults about their digital behavior, so that we could learn more about attitudes and perceptions to our security.

We wanted to find out about the discrepancies between how we see our own online habits and how we actually behave when nobody is looking. We’d all love to think we’re all using original, strong passwords across our devices and services, but, for example, research from Ofcom tells us that 64% of us use the same password everywhere.

Our own research shows that fewer than one in three of us always log out of our accounts. We also learned that 37 per cent of young people have ‘taken a peek’ at a friend’s logged-in account. While at 12%, only a small fraction of the survey respondents believe that their personal data wouldn’t be useful to anyone but them, this still represents a significant enough number to show that we’re not as careful as we think we are.

At BehavioSec, we believe that the best security is built around our actual habits and behaviors, not the ideals that a company’s security team hopes we’ll meet. This is especially true for services that sell convenience – if you want to push smooth experiences for users, we think it means the provider should take on the greater share of the security burden.  


Want to read the full report? Download it here.