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Behavioral biometrics can reduce manual review

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Reducing manual review is among the top priorities of anti-fraud teams in 2016. Among companies who use it in North America, an average of 29% of all orders end up in manual review.  For nearly half of companies that use manual review, this process takes up the largest chunk of their fraud detection budget. To make things worse, up to 10% of rejected orders are valid users.


But BehavioSec can help.


In this webcast, How to reduce manual review with behavioral biometrics, we’ll show you how you can use behavioral biometrics for fraud detection and analysis, which can increase security, stop fraud, and cut the use of manual review in half – at least. We’ll walk through a real use-case of a company who was able to halve its fraud flag calls to customers in the first month it used BehavioSec to analyze user behavior.