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Last Chance to Register for the “The Algorithm of You: Defeating Attackers by Being Yourself,” Webcast

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I’ve been promoting the importance of Continuous Authentication through Behavioral Biometrics for years by educating and explaining how it’s an intriguing, cutting-edge technology that already delivers substantial return-on-investment for multiple large enterprises. With Continuous Authentication, we throttle down needless helpdesk calls and customer churn, accurately block and profile suspect login and transactions for superior risk management, all while keeping a pristine and user friendly digital experience.  

As pioneers in this field, we look to SANS’ independent expertise and extensive knowledge of current anti-fraud use cases and challenges as crucial feedback to help our technology drive results in the industry and we’re now finally ready to reveal the great work of SANS’ Matt Bromiley.

Join Bromiley and I for the free webcast, titled “The Algorithm of You: Defeating Attackers by Being Yourself,” that will take place on Thursday, October 18 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Attendees can register for full details here.

During the webcast, Matt Bromiley, a SANS Certified Digital Forensics and Incident Response instructor, will provide an overview of the definitions and concepts of Behavioral Biometrics. He will describe key principles and features of the technology, which goes beyond traditional one-time authentication controls like tokens and password credentials, to continuously authenticate a user, based on behavioral characteristics including typing patterns, touchscreen pressure and how users manipulate smartphones and other devices in the hand.

Bromiley will additionally detail the results of his independent, hands-on product review of the BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics Platform, explaining for the audience how he put this software to the test, while measuring BehavioSec’s ability to uncover bad actors and detect potentially suspect login attempts and transactions.

Following the webcast, an archive replay will be available for registrants.

What: SANS webcast, “The Algorithm of You: Defeating Attackers by Being Yourself”

When: Thursday, October 18 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Where: Register for free, here.

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