Welcome to BehavioSec Labs. We’re the R&D team, based in the far north of Sweden. We’re always working to improve the core BehavioSec product, but we also build tools to help you understand how our behavioral biometrics technology works.

1 password. 22 dimensions. 15 end user profiles.

Based on data from 15 users - typing the same password - our algorithms develop a profile from the rhythm and unique characteristics of the input behaviour.

This 2D rendering of 22 dimensions shows an approximation of these individual user profiles.

Keystroke Timing Tool

Wonder how much data we can actually get from your username?

Type a string of characters in the field below and see how much we can learn just from the timings between your keystrokes. We don’t store what you type, but we do recommend not typing any passwords you use.



No matter how much you know about your own behavior, you have an unconscious rhythm when you type. We measure your key press time, as well as your key flight time – which is how long you spend between keys. Through these rhythms and timings alone, we build a pattern of your behavior and let you use it to authenticate yourself.

Pattern Unlock Simulator

Reference Pattern




These three users are entering the same unlock pattern, but there’s no way you could mistake Johanna for Peder or Tony. That’s why with BehavioSec, nobody can steal your moves.

The animations above were made with a limited amount of data. In a real implementation, we collect data from a much wider range of behaviors and actions: key flight, accelerometer, gyroscope, hit zone, and more.







Touch Motion


Hit Zone