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Protecting SaaS Revenue

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A popular SaaS (Software as a Service) company looking to protect their revenue streams suspected that a high number of their customers shared account credentials as a way to bypass purchasing additional licenses.

Furthermore, they also suspected that some account credentials risked being abused by bots to scrape and steal information meant only for subscribers.


  • Software as a Service Subscription Provider



SaaS Company Servicing thousands of enterprise subscribers



  • Loss of subscription revenue due to sharing of account credentials.
  • Two-factor authentications still bypassed by account sharing.
  • Screen scraping of pertinent subscription content by software posing as subscribers.


  • Quantified loss revenue due to shared account credentials.
  • Transparently verified identities without any user impact to the app.
  • Detected and stopped bots from screen scraping pertinent data from SaaS provider.


The SaaS provider’s existing digital authentication measures (including login IDs and passwords), failed to stop the sharing of digital identities and protect their subscription revenue. Two-factor authentication methods were evaluated but introduced unyielding expense and friction to their user base. Manual audits were conducted periodically on suspicious accounts, but false positives were high and limited data impeded the ability to scale with a high degree of certainty



BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics software was easily integrated within the SaaS provider’s popular web apps. The platform’s lightweight SDKs and rich REST API framework enabled the SaaS provider to easily enable powerful behavioral biometrics capabilities, quickly quantifying the problem of shared accounts, bots scraping data, and lost subscription revenue from these malicious activities. Within the first month, BehavioSec allowed the SaaS company to identify 400 different aggregators, some from fintech applications, and others from malicious scrapers. The SaaS company was able to take appropriate actions to preserve and grow their subscription revenues with empirical and actionable data.



BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics software has empowered this SaaS company to protect and grow its subscription revenue, automating the detection of shared accounts. Additionally, the SaaS company now receives full insight regarding what aggregators and applications are used when a user accesses their SaaS platform. BehavioSec has become a key part of its architecture as a means to combat SaaS subscription theft and protects its data without burdening their users.