BehavioSec is the most secure, reliable way to authenticate users through their behavior. Through a combination of keystroke dynamics, movement and gesture patterns, our continuous machine learning technology ensures that accounts stay in the right hands.

This demo is a simplified ‘proof of concept’ with the intent of getting the ‘idea’ across to the widest possible audience.

To do this we have not incorporated the ‘production level’ security algorithms nor our patented bot/malware prevention technology.

Access to the backend dashboard shows a limited subset of the capabilities which are target at network infrastructure, security and anti-fraud professionals which tend to distract from the simplified behaviour experience.

We do this to gain an accelerated understanding of the core concept.

We are more than happy to demonstrate the more complex feature set are more than happy to introduce interested parties in a more formal, ‘handheld’, walkthrough.


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Full saturation modalities through our native SDK. Native demo apps for iOS and Android.

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