About BehavioSec

Billions of transactions are safer because of BehavioSec

We believe that great user experiences should never come with a security risk.

BehavioSec has created the new model for strong, multilayered customer security. Now you can stop fraud, prevent attacks, and verify your customers — all without slowing them down.

We call it behavioral biometrics, and it uses continuous machine learning to authenticate users based, not on what they do, but on how they do it.

Our algorithm can verify who someone is based on how they naturally interact with their device and deliver instant identity verification, along with continuous authentication. No special sensors. No extra hardware. Just artificial intelligence that works with your customers’ natural behavior to protect their online integrity.

From the Arctic Circle to your security stack

We started working on this technology in Lulea, Sweden, in 2006, and we’ve invented something that’s designed to keep getting better.

Most of the technologies used to secure your devices, systems and services come from the 1970s. They treat security as a wall where a binary decision gets made. We didn’t think that was good enough, so we’ve spent the last decade rethinking and reinventing identity verification as a continuous process, not just a door your users go through at a login step.

Eventually, DARPA started to explore active authentication as a security layer. They were impressed by what we’d done so far, and helped us by funding some of our work. Their support and endorsement helped us get to a new level, and set a new standard for identity verification. Today we secure more than 5 billion transactions a year.


From our research and engineering teams in Sweden and Germany to our sales, business and marketing offices around the world, BehavioSec is committed to making a better, more secure internet.

We’re proud to bring our Swedish-born technology and company to a global market, and make continuous authentication the new standard for security in a constantly connected world.

Our company is always looking for enthusiastic, committed, and smart people who believe no one should have to choose between UX and security. If you don’t see a role for you listed below, but you’d like to talk about joining our team, get in touch at careers@behaviosec.com and let’s talk.

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As a member of our team, you’ll be contributing to a total rethink of how companies secure experiences for customers and users around the world to reduce fraud. If you want to bring a new standard of security to a constantly connected world, come talk to us and be a part of it.

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“BehavioSec offers the most mature ID system that uses behavior analytics”

Alan Goode, founder of Goode Intelligence

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