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Ensure digital identities match the unique humans they claim to be

Deployed across Global 2000 companies, our behavioral biometrics platform uses deep authentication to continuously verify user identity with zero friction and over 99% accuracy across millions of users and billions of transactions.


Prevent Fraud

Multinational bank battling fraud attacks prevents 99% of potential losses.


Combat Attacks

Global bank detects and stops well-funded, socially engineered Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attacks that evade other solutions.

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Accelerate Transformation

Authentication service for billions of transactions improves accuracy by 97% enabling new, innovative use cases.

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Increase Automation

Major bank increases productivity and automation by reducing false positives by 91%.

Account Takeover


Solution brief

ATO & Behavioral Biometrics  >>


Combatting Risk & Fraud Using Behavioral Biometrics  >>

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Protecting a Global Bank From Account Takeover  >>

Case Study

Bank Goes Digital-First Beyond One-Time Passwords & Device ID  >>


2020 ISMG Summit – Proofing Digital Identity With Continuous Authentication  >>

Credential and account breaches are an unfortunate reality of our digital lives.

While organizations invest significant resources to insulate from attacks, Account Takeovers (ATO) remain a menace. To make matters worse, many costly business challenges – like manual fraud analysis and customer attrition from friction – stem from these failed investments meant to protect.

BehavioSec stops Account Takeover with deep authentication, a new method of verification powered by behavioral biometrics. Deep authentication automatically verifies the human behind the digital identity without adding friction – allowing you to keep fraudsters at bay while drastically reducing costs.

Find breach-related attacks, like credential stuffing

Identify complex fraud attacks, like vishing and SIM swap

Reduce analyst case load with high-fidelity signal

Detect malware attacks and advanced banking trojans

New Account Fraud


Solution brief

NAF & Behavioral Biometrics  >>


Combatting Risk & Fraud Using Behavioral Biometrics  >>


GBG & BehavioSec – Identifying Fraud at Onboarding & Beyond >>

Breaches of user credentials and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) continue to occur and add to the ~2 billion stolen credentials that are already available on black markets. Using this access, fraudsters are better armed than ever when setting up new accounts using stolen, synthetic, or fictitious identities. Combating fraudsters with traditional solutions – even if offering some effectiveness – results in costly and burdensome checkout procedures, lowering margins and turning away new customers.

BehavioSec combats New Account Fraud (NAF) with population profiling powered by behavioral biometrics. Using data analyzed from the behavior of a population of normal users, BehavioSec can help you quickly pinpoint fraudsters, whether of bot or human origin.

Detect stolen, synthetic, and fictitious identities

Offer frictionless automation detection that doesn’t slow down authentic customers

Deliver better customer experience by eliminating friction points

Build secure relationships at first engagement with invisible verification

Checkout Fraud


Fraudsters continue to use stolen and fictitious identities to gain access to goods, services, and money from online retailers. E-Commerce is impacted by both New Account Fraud and Account Takeover, often through automated credential stuffing, making it harder for online retailers to adapt in an era where payment method flexibility and automated fulfillment centers are becoming the norm.

BehavioSec reduces Checkout Fraud by using population profiling and deep authentication, both powered by behavioral biometrics. Using metadata from normal behavior and previous customer interactions, BehavioSec can detect fraud without adding friction, allowing you to focus on improving your customer experience and conversion rates.

Detect use of stolen and fictitious identities

Reduce analyst case load with deep authentication signal

Deliver a better customer experience by eliminating friction points

Increase trust and security at first sight

Risk-Based Authentication


Solution brief

BehavioSec Solution  >>

Case Study

Frictionless Authentication Enabled Using Behavioral Biometrics  >>

Case Study

Bank Goes Digital-First Beyond One-Time Passwords & Device ID  >>

Case Study

Protecting Financial Transactions for Users on the Go  >>

The authentication security model used on our modern devices, apps, and services is based on a simple pass/no pass approach first popularized in the 1970s.

But that outdated model is no longer suitable. Product, customer experience, and user experience teams focused on digital transformation are continuously decreasing friction to meet the future expectations of busy, multi-tasking users. For companies looking to compete in a crowded and demanding market, strong security is a basic requirement. But good online, customer experience is now a competitive edge.

BehavioSec enables risk-based authentication through deep authentication. By verifying user identities based on how they continuously interact, authentication supports a Zero Trust approach and becomes an ongoing, monitoring and verification process, not just a one-time step at the front door. Best of all, this is done transparently, without adding friction to customers.

PSD2 & Strong Customer Authentication


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PSD2 & Behavioral Biometrics  >>


2021 Global Data Privacy Regulation of Physical & Behavioral Biometrics  >>

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Bank Goes Digital-First Beyond One-Time Passwords & Device ID  >>


Compliance & Authentication as Digital Transformation Enablers  >>

Digital transformation and global mobility continues to improve access, yet also adds new risks for consumers. The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) attempts to reduce consumer risk through vendor regulation and increased requirements on authentication, but its mandate can also add friction to the user experience.

BehavioSec can help you stay compliant with EU and US regulations without burdening your customers. Our solution enables Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) through behavioral biometrics, a frictionless PSD2 compliant inherence factor.

PSD2’s SCA requires two of the three following elements:

Something the customer knows, like a password or pin

Something the customer has, like a phone or hard token

Something the customer is, like their behavioral biometrics

3DS2 & Strong Customer Authentication


Solution Brief

3DS2 & Behavioral Biometrics  >>


2021 Global Data Privacy Regulation of Physical & Behavioral Biometrics  >>

With over 73% growth in global adoption from 2020, 3-D Secure – an authentication protocol created to improve security and reduce fraud in online payments – is rapidly becoming the new standard.

3DS2 is an enhanced version of 3DS intended to remove user experience friction from the payment process by offering improved authentication and checkout interactions, and can also be used to meet Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for regions that require it.

Yet by adding more authentication elements, SCA is also known to detrimentally and measurably impact the consumer experience and business bottom lines, leading to 2 of the top 3 reasons shoppers abandon online carts – cumbersome account creation and complex checkout processes.

Using our extensive data expertise across billions of transactions over many years, BehavioSec now offers a seamless 3DS2 solution that is fully compliant with GDPR, PSD2, and SCA. The solution captures behavioral biometrics inputs and device information and shares a score using standard 3DS2 communication flows – all while keeping the customer disruption-free during the merchant’s checkout flow.

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