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Behavioral biometrics expertise trusted and recognized by companies worldwide

  • Gartner
  • Cisco
  • Forrester
  • Darpa
  • ABN Amro

What problems can BehavioSec solve for you?

One time passwords and tokens are cumbersome in authenticating users. BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics verifies people’s unique characteristics continuously and transparently.

Stop online account fraud without burdening your users.

  • Account takeover fraud

  • Malware (remote access threats / bots) related fraud

  • Account sharing violations

  • New account fraud

  • Digital authentication friction

  • What does BehavioSec offer?

    BehavioSec’s platform authenticates and uniquely verifies identities with high precision based on their individual interactions with web and mobile apps.

    Authenticate users continuously and frictionlessly.

  • Why is BehavioSec software compelling?

    BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics software helps large global enterprises authenticate identities across millions of users.

How does BehavioSec software work?

BehavioSec delivers a Behavioral Biometrics platform that integrates with authentication, risk engines, mobile and web apps, on-premise and hosted.

BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics Technology Stack

BehavioSec behavioral biometrics featured on the BBC

The advanced technology of BehavioSec enables ABN AMRO to take the next step in protecting our customers

- Director Digital Impact Fund, ABN AMRO.

End Helpdesk Fraud with Behavioral Biometrics, a Continuous PSD2-Factor

Helpdesk fraud, also known as the original Tech Support Scam, refers to when fraudsters call victims to offer technical support services.

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We are hiring

Our CEO, Neil Costigan, is in town from San Francisco visiting our Research and Development team in Luleå, Sweden. Visits such as these

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Death of Authentication

With the Bangladeshi hack in recent memory, it is now clear to everyone that the SWIFT international interbank payment network is

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How increasing the amount of data can help us overcome information overflow and score fatigue

What can we learn from our mistakes in automation, and what’s in store for this trend in the future? In 2017 we saw plenty of attacks

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