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Behavioral biometrics expertise trusted and recognized by companies worldwide

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  • Cisco
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  • ABN Amro

Your users don’t want to be burdened when authenticating but you still have to protect them without frustrating them. Authenticate frictionlessly so they can embrace and engage the digital age.

Authentication is evolving from static, cumbersome, one-time user action, to a highly dynamic, transparent and continuous means of validating digital identities without imposing frustration to the users.

What problems can BehavioSec solve for you?

BehavioSec’s award winning, behavioral biometrics software uses continuous authentication to stop the problems created by digital fraud. BehavioSec’s software solution is transparent and frictionless, protecting your customers, your business, and ultimately your bottom line.

Stop online account fraud without burdening your users.

  • Authentication friction

  • Account Take Over and Fraud

  • Malware | RATS | Bots

  • Account sharing violations

  • PSD2 Compliance

  • What does BehavioSec offer?

    BehavioSec offers the most innovative online security solution using behavioral biometrics to continuously authenticate user identities and stop fraud. It is transparent, without effect to the digital experience, highly accurate, and simply the best in online security for both web and mobile apps, covering all your business needs.

    Authenticate users continuously and frictionlessly.

  • Why is BehavioSec software compelling?

    BehavioSec’s software solution is so compelling because it is the market leading pioneer of behavioral biometrics. BehavioSec has a well-established history in behavioral biometrics research and development and is already in production at a wide range of prestigious Global 2000 customers.

How does BehavioSec software work?

BehavioSec provides a software platform that easily integrates with mobile and web apps to authenticate user identities. The software stack uses lightweight SDKs with on-premises or cloud hosted servers. Data analysis is available in real-time through adaptable, continuous scoring, feeding into any risk engine. The solution is completely invisible to the user and begins detecting fraud immediately.

BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics Technology Stack

BehavioSec behavioral biometrics featured on the BBC

The advanced technology of BehavioSec enables ABN AMRO to take the next step in protecting our customers

- Director Digital Impact Fund, ABN AMRO.

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