• Announcement: BehavioSec® is now part of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions    Press Release >>

BehavioSec® is now part of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions
Combined solutions that will enhance fraud prevention and authentication.

We keep the world safe from fraud & friction

Enabling seamless security for your workforce and customers across the digital identity lifecycle with invisible MFA, actionable intelligence, and identity assurance from behavioral biometrics

Fraud Prevention

Protect new applications and existing accounts from fraud and theft without friction or churn. ​

Seamless Authentication

Achieve strong multifactor authentication without challenges, step-ups, OTPs, pushes or friction.​

Frictionless Compliance

Meet PSD2 SCA and other authentication mandates without sacrificing customers or their experience.

Redefine your view of identity, trust & risk

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Behavioral Biometrics
Privacy. Security. Continuously.

Easy to integrate Easy to consume Easy to scale & expand

In short, we let you verify users based on their interactions.

We let you turn behavior into actionable intelligence with just a few lines of code

Our platform allows your team to leverage APIs, SDKs, and rich behavioral biometrics insights. We let you build the apps and services you always wanted, enabled by seamless security that scales from thousands to the billions.

Prebuilt integrations

Deploy fast with our prebuilt integrations for leading IAM and fraud prevention systems from our global partner network.

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Easy integration

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Proven at scale

Trusted by leading institutions around the world, from startups to electronic-IDs to Fortune 100s

We believe that strong security and a seamless user experience can be mutually inclusive. Our mission is to make this inclusiveness ubiquitous through our innovation in behavioral biometric technology, adding invisible identity assurance to our ever-connected world so we can trust each other again.


The advanced technology of BehavioSec enables ABN AMRO to take the next step in protecting our customers.

- Director Digital Impact Fund, ABN AMRO

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Effective and simple implementation. Product has become critical part of payment fraud detection.

- Senior Vice President in the Finance Industry

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Implementation is easy. Additional risk flags can be used in online fraud detection. Product is invisible to customers.

- Senior Vice President in the Finance Industry

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