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The advanced technology of BehavioSec enables ABN AMRO to take the next step in protecting our customers.

- Director Digital Impact Fund, ABN AMRO

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Effective and simple implementation. Product has become critical part of payment fraud detection.

- Senior Vice President in the Finance Industry

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Implementation is easy. Additional risk flags can be used in online fraud detection. Product is invisible to customers.

- Senior Vice President in the Finance Industry

Welcome to the next generation of behavioral authentication

BehavioSec, a pioneer in behavioral biometrics uses deep authentication to continuously validate users identity with zero friction and over 99% accuracy. The BehavioSec platform is deployed across Global 2000 companies supporting millions of users and billions of transactions.


Prevent Fraud

Major multinational bank battling frequent fraud attacks prevented 99% of potential fraud losses.


Combat Attacks

Global bank detected and stopped well-funded, socially engineered Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attacks that had evaded other solutions.


Accelerate Transformation

Authentication service handling billions of transactions improved accuracy by 97% allowing expansion into a multitude of new, innovative use cases.


Increase Automation

Major bank increased productivity and automation by reducing false positives by 91%.

Account Takeover

Credential breaches have become an unfortunate reality of our digital lives. Organizations spend significant resources in attempts to insulate themselves from attacks and breaches, yet Account Takeover attacks continue to be a costly problem across industries. To make matters worse, many business challenges (like costly manual fraud analysis and customer friction) stem from the attempted solutions themselves.

BehavioSec puts an end to Account Takeover with Deep Authentication, a new method of verification powered by Behavioral Biometrics. Deep Authentication automatically verifies people without adding friction, allowing you to keep fraudsters at bay while drastically reducing costs to the organization.

Detects breach related attacks, like credential stuffing

Detects complex fraud attacks, like voice phishing and SIM swap fraud

Reduces analyst case load with a Deep Authentication signal

Detects attacks from malware and advanced banking trojans

New Account Fraud

Breaches of user credentials and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) continue to occur and add to the ~2 billion stolen credentials that are already available on black markets. Using these, fraudsters are now more armed than ever when setting up new accounts using stolen or fictitious identities. Combating fraudsters with traditional solutions results in costly and burdensome checkout procedures, lowering margins and turning away first-time customers.

BehavioSec addresses New Account Fraud with Population Profiling powered by Behavioral Biometrics. Using data gleaned from the behavior of a population of normal users, BehavioSec can help you quickly pinpoint fraudsters, whether of bot or human origin.

Detects the use of stolen and fictitious identities

Frictionless automation detection that doesn’t slow down actual customers

Delivers a better customer experience by helping you eliminate friction points

Increases trust at first sight, allowing you to focus on a good user experience

Checkout Fraud

Fraudsters continue to use stolen and fictitious identities to gain access to goods and money from online retailers. E-Commerce is impacted by both New Account Fraud and Account Takeover, often through automated credential stuffing, making it harder for online retailers to adapt in an era where payment method flexibility and automated fulfillment centers are becoming the norm.

BehavioSec reduces Checkout Fraud by using Population Profiling and Deep Authentication, both powered by Behavioral Biometrics. Using metadata from normal behavior and previous customer interactions, BehavioSec can detect fraud without adding friction, allowing you to focus on improving your customer experience and conversion rates.

Detects the use of stolen and fictitious identities

Reduces analyst case load with a Deep Authentication signal

Delivers a better customer experience by helping you eliminate friction points

Increase trust at first sight, allowing you to focus on a good user experience.

Risk-Based Authentication

The authentication security model used on our modern devices, apps, and services is based on a simple pass/no pass approach first popularized in the 1970s. But that outdated model is no longer suitable. Product, customer experience, and user experience teams are continuously decreasing friction to meet the future expectations of busy, multi-tasking users. For companies looking to compete in a crowded and demanding market, strong security is a basic standard, but good customer experience is a competitive edge.

BehavioSec enables Risk-Based Authentication through Deep Authentication. By verifying your users’ identities based on how they continuously interact authentication becomes an ongoing process, not just a one-time step. Best of all, this is done transparently, with no added friction to the customers.

PSD2 & Strong Customer Authentication

Digital transformation continues to change the world and authentication must evolve in order to support both customer and business needs. Technological advances add new risks for the customers, spurred on by rapid change and global mobility. The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) attempts to mitigate this increased customer risk by adding rigorous vendor requirements through regulation.

BehavioSec can help you enable Strong Customers Authentication through Behavioral Biometrics, a frictionless PSD2 compliant inherence factor. BehavioSec’s Deep Authentication helps you stay compliant with EU and US regulations without burdening your customers.

PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requires two of the three following factors:

Something the customer knows, like a password or pin

Something the customer has, like a phone or hard token

Something the customer is, like their behavioral biometrics

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