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Our CEO, Neil Costigan, is in town from San Francisco visiting our Research and Development team in Luleå, Sweden. Visits such as these galvanize our team, keep us well-informed of any new and exciting developments from our other locations, and unify our efforts to achieve our new visions.

We also relish this opportunity to challenge him at a game of Pool and knock his score off the Number 1 spot from the leader board. So far, his reign as champion remains unchallenged.

Expanding in Luleå and Beyond


BehavioSec is expanding into new markets and looking to hire in some additional developers to enhance our existing R&D team. We have been regularly interviewing potential new hires with a strong background in software development who can join us in Luleå. We believe the opportunity is quite unique from the average job post in today’s market because of our approach to security through the integration of Behavioral Biometrics.

Becoming a BehavioSec developer offers a unique and exciting opportunity that is unlike any typical software job. The adventure of living in northern Sweden to join our team is certainly an experience that can benefit you and your career for a lifetime. Additionally, our environment encourages learning, growth, thinking outside the box, and positive collaboration to build innovative solutions.

We are also seeing new and familiar faces in the office this month as we welcome a few new members to our team; Project Manager Stefan that is a runner (Stockholm marathon this year was baking hot which he endured), IPR specialist Per (an avid mountain climber that has scaled the Matterhorn), in addition to welcoming back our former Technical Writer Heather. Our new members are getting quickly up-to-speed on our technology.

In addition to hiring a few new team members, our developers continue to work on new software package updates for our existing clients, providing unique solutions for every system. When a technical issue arises, our developers are ready and eager to provide fast and friendly phone or on-site support to our clients, regardless of the customer’s location. In fact, one of our developers just returned from a well-performed support visit to a client in Mexico! We are happy to call it a success by providing them with hands-on support, implementation, and training to get their system up and running with BehavioSec.

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