PSD2 and Behavioral Biometrics

BehavioSec leverages industry leading behavioral biometrics technology to seamlessly authenticate users in line with PSD2’s SCA requirements.


Transactions approved for better customer experience

Our solution

A key PSD2 requirement is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which demands extra factors that can add friction and frustrate customers. BehavioSec offers a smarter route to compliance.

Automated Data Trending

Predictive modeling observes data trends for faster business rule creation and bot and aggregator categorization.

Behavioral Mapping Across Devices

Device inheritance mitigates risks from new device onboarding without step-ups or friction.

Improved Fraud Detection

Device integrity offers better detection of jailbroken devices, cloned applications, location anomalies, and more.

Mitigate Onboarding Risks

Identify behavioral anomalies that helps you detect the use of stolen or synthetic identities and adds powerful tools for KyC investigations.

How it works

Once deployed, BehavioSec collects behavioral data when a user logs in or interacts with your app or website naturally. As they do so, the platform continuously and silently analyzes the signals in its machine learning engine to tell good from bad and ensure legitimate access from entry to exit.

Success stories

Protecting a Global Bank From Account Takeover (ATO)

A prestigious, multinational bank providing advisory, investment products, and other services to HNWI clients around the world lowered false rejections by over 90%.

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Bank Goes Digital-First Beyond One-Time Passwords and Device ID

A full-service bank supporting over 5 million digital identities and billions of annual transactions used behavioral biometrics to cut successful attacks by 79%.

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Protecting Financial Transactions For Users on the Go

A Company enabling financial transactions to millions of users globally drastically lowered the rate of first time fraud and nearly eliminated machine related attacks.

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Real examples of how our technology can streamline customer experience and fight fraud.

Why BehavioSec

BehavioSec leverages innovative behavioral biometrics technology to collect and analyze the unique attributes of live human-digital interaction. In so doing, it’s able to verify with a high degree of accuracy that a digital identity is who it claims to be.

Comply without burdening customers
Add frictionless and independent SCA
Detect access via fintech aggregators and machine automation
Mitigate risks and detect bots, social engineering and malware attacks in real time
Add frictionless SCA to your 3DS2 for easier payments

Industries served

BehavioSec is helping countless global organizations in multiple verticals to drive value from PSD2 compliance through seamless SCA.

Financial institutions

Frictionless SCA across devices with deep insight into customer TPP preferences. Meet customer expectations with superior CX to stay relevant and competitive in the Open Banking era.

Payments service providers

Add BehavioSec to your 3D Secure 2 protocol and gain SCA inherence with training as short as a single, one-time passcode. Safely store profiles at the Access Control Server (ACS) and enable safe transactions across merchants worldwide.​

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