New Account Opening Fraud

Remove onboarding friction and secure revenue with BehavioSec.


Drastically reduce false positives without impacting detection


Highly accurate detection rates for new account fraud

Our solution

Onboarding new accounts is now a high-stakes guessing game of trust, where each misstep represents a financial loss — or a lost customer due to high friction reviews. Behavioral biometrics offers something different.

Detects behavioral nuances in how people enter information

Stop new account opening fraud in their tracks with minimal false positives by analyzing behavior for fraudulent patterns.

Detects automation and bots without friction or CAPTCHAs

Keep customers happy while filtering out fraud with passive background analysis.

Spots the use of stolen and synthetic identities

Detect account origination fraud with over 96% accuracy including the use of stolen or fictitious identity.

Tight API-led integration with platforms, apps and services

Enable seamless fraud checks in any environment.

Goes beyond behavioral biometrics

A rich set of intelligence signals enables customers to stop sophisticated fraud from day one.

How it works

People have a reflexive knowledge of their personal information like names, emails, and addresses — information we typically memorize. Other things, like long account numbers, are less commonly memorized — which is reflected in how we enter that type of information. Fraudsters are different and tend to act abnormally during application flows. For example, a criminal might struggle with a stolen name and address, or rely on automation to enter the information. On the other hand, they may have perfect recollection of a commonly used mule SSN or bank account number – something genuine customers rarely have memorized.

With behavioral biometrics, you can spot nuances like this to tell good from bad, customer from criminal — providing highly accurate risk scores which enable organizations to minimize new account opening risk. It’s all done completely in the background, providing actionable insights without any friction, challenges or other revenue-capping UX intrusions.

Success stories

Protecting a Global Bank From Account Takeover (ATO)

A prestigious, multinational bank providing advisory, investment products, and other services to HNWI clients around the world lowered false rejections by over 90%.

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Bank Goes Digital-First Beyond One-Time Passwords and Device ID

A full-service bank supporting over 5 million digital identities and billions of annual transactions used behavioral biometrics to cut successful attacks by 79%.

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Protecting Financial Transactions For Users on the Go

A Company enabling financial transactions to millions of users globally drastically lowered the rate of first time fraud and nearly eliminated machine related attacks.

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Real examples of how our technology can streamline customer experience and fight fraud.

Why BehavioSec

BehavioSec leverages an innovative behavioral biometrics approach to assess risk by analyzing unique attributes in peoples’ interactions. This behavioral expertise allows us to verify digital identities to:

Prevent fraud while providing an optimized experience for new customers and users
Detect the use of stolen or synthetic identities
Detect account origination fraud with over 96% accuracy
Detect automation and bots, without friction or CAPTCHAs
Cut false positives with a better than 1:1 genuine-to-fraud ratio

Industries served

BehavioSec empowers organizations across multiple industries to minimize new account opening fraud.


Reduce cart abandons and identify low-risk transactions while verifying customers without intrusive device, location or other cumbersome checks.

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