Detect and Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover is surging because static defenses are not enough for the combined onslaught of credential stuffing, third-party data breaches, malware and social engineering. Organizations’ bottom line and reputation continue to suffer as attack patterns grow more sophisticated each passing day.


Accounts protected for some of the world’s top financial institutions


Reduction in false alarms for transactional systems

Our solution

With behavioral biometrics, you can reduce fraud, friction, and costs thanks to an innovative security approach with a defense-in-depth, multi-layered approach to risk mitigation.

Continuously analyze activity throughout a user session

To stop complex attacks that are only detectable post-login, like social engineering or remote access.

Provide seamless risk scoring from entry to exit

To support seamless onboarding, recurring access, and transactions.

Analyze each session for a wide set of risk and trust factors

Delivering a rich set of intelligence signals to verify returning users and identify low-risk sessions.

Automatically detect automation, bots, and aggregators

Flagging the tell-tale signs of account takeover activity.

How it works

Instead of depending solely on static information, one-time security, and easily spoofed signals, behavioral biometrics lets you continuously analyze all activity throughout a user session – detecting both negative and positive behaviors.

With this behavioral insight, you can accurately evaluate customers at scale. Even better, our verification signal acts as a continuous authentication layer, virtually eliminating the need for step-up challenges.

Success stories

Protecting a Global Bank From Account Takeover (ATO)

A prestigious, multinational bank providing advisory, investment products, and other services to HNWI clients around the world lowered false rejections by over 90%.

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Bank Goes Digital-First Beyond One-Time Passwords and Device ID

A full-service bank supporting over 5 million digital identities and billions of annual transactions used behavioral biometrics to cut successful attacks by 79%.

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Protecting Financial Transactions For Users on the Go

A Company enabling financial transactions to millions of users globally drastically lowered the rate of first time fraud and nearly eliminated machine related attacks.

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Real examples of how our technology can streamline customer experience and fight fraud.

Why BehavioSec

Behavioral biometrics collect and analyze the unique attributes of live human-digital interactions to verify a digital identity is who they claim to be.

Reduce false alarms from transactional systems by over 90%
Empower fraud analysts and cut time-to-decision at lower cost
Over 200 million accounts protected for some of the world’s top financial institutions
Automatically detect automation, bots, and aggregators
Safeguard customers and your relationship with them

Industries served

BehavioSec uses industry leading behavioral biometrics to transform ATO protection for organizations across multiple verticals.


Reduce loss of goods and services, lower liability, protect customers, and improve shopping experiences.

Financial institutions

Reduce costs, fraud, and friction, and give customers a secure and seamless digital experience.


Defend your remote, mobile workforce from security incidents, identity theft, productivity loss, and friction while reducing exposure to insider threats.

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