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Revenge of the Human Element

  • Matt White
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It’s a staple of every cybersecurity presentation: “Humans are the weakest link.” To a fault, employees and individuals are usually cited as the root cause for data breaches because someone’s action of transferring files or clicking a link exposed records or sent malware ricocheting through an office network. Security is everyone’s job, but human instincts and psychology are fallible – you can only achieve so much security performance from mandatory training and breakroom lectures.

Ironically, a lot of human-shaming security outrage is the result of fighting cybercrime in a backwards equation: We pit consumers’ finite human capacity against crimeware sprees powered by automated, on-demand attack infrastructure. It is easy to buy services that methodically use botnets and exploit kits 24×7 to probe every port, inbox and browser they can find – and harvest every successful intrusion at scale. Malware campaigns are coldly methodical at mimicking your friends, boss or bank and copying your sensitive files. All it takes is tricking a multitasking human for a way in.

But if this were a movie script – what if we had a plot twist where human tendencies became the one thing cybercriminals couldn’t beat?

This is how BehavioSec uses behavioral biometrics to turn the tables on attackers’ cold, calculating and rampant exploitation of weaknesses in password-based authentication.  

Let’s face it, today your login and password credentials can practically be considered compromised by default. People struggle to create strong passwords and reuse them across banks, retainers, email, social media and entertainment services comprising their digital lives. Anyone who decides to target you can probably find your login and password combos on the dark web and try them against as many sensitive sites as possible until they hit paydirt. This leads to fraud and account takeovers because in the eyes of many businesses, anyone using your password is effectively you.

But companies using BehavioSec go far beyond matching passwords to identify users. Our software lets websites and mobile apps measure the typing patterns, cursor movements, touchscreen pressure and other behavioral attributes of anyone trying to login as you, or make transactions. Malware is great at springing exploits, but pretty terrible at impersonating the unique way you hold your phone, juggle apps and tap commands. Turns out the way you navigate keyboards is a unique, strong credential that can’t be cloned from a hard drive. Call it “Revenge of the Human Element.”

This adds a revolutionary new layer of defense around passwords the world still relies on. BehavioSec breaks systematic and targeted attempts to exploit breached passwords, rendering the underworld’s stolen credentials useless when used against BehavioSec-protected services. Businesses using BehavioSec gain deeper risk scoring of logins and account activity, helping trigger additional security measures when necessary and throttle down suspect behavior.

By shifting online identity from dangerously transferrable credentials to real-time, hard examinations of user behavior, we create a frictionless authentication experience with the rare combination of tighter security with a smoother interface. BehavioSec only requires your natural behavior, no ancillary tokens or unique hardware necessary.

Ready to unleash “The Algorithm of You” against security threats? Read the SANS Institute’s hands-on product review of BehavioSec and contact us to learn how we can protect your enterprise and your users’ peace of mind.