Recap from Money 20/20 Europe

Once again, I’ve departed from the beautiful city of Copenhagen and heading home after a couple of joyfully and packed days (especially following the big announcement from Gemalto). For those of you that couldn’t attend this year (and why you probably should go next year) I decided to write down my favorite parts of this week.

Being in Copenhagen

My favorite neighboring capital (sorry Oslo and Helsinki) that’s just a short flight away from home is a great place for evening fun after a long day on the show floor. Somehow, I always end up having a great time in Copenhagen, last year I was interviewed by CNBC and this year by Sky News. Combine that with sunny summer evenings in a gorgeous city with great restaurants (and amazing bars) and it’s easy to see why I like coming here so much.

New Innovations

If I’d summarize the startup-younglings with one thing it would be that artificial intelligence and machine learning have really sparked a wide set of creations. Everywhere I looked I saw new startups talking about user experience, safe payments, transparent security and how machine learning is making it all possible.

Behavioral Biometrics is on the rise

After promoting behavioral biometrics for many years it’s really exciting to see how far the acceptance and knowledge of the technology has come. It’s not that long ago that mentioning behavioral biometrics and machine learning gave most people a confused face, now I’m getting advanced questions about suitable adaptions and exciting use cases. Now I had the joy of seeing our CEO Neil Costigan do a panel talk about behavioral analytics as well as having great chats with people from biometrics companies like Crossmatch, EyeVerify and Daon. Behavioral biometrics is truly here to stay!

Meeting Friends

Shows like this is always a great place to meet people and I was pleasantly surprised in the number of familiar faces. I’ve always enjoyed walking a show floor making new acquaintances and meeting old friends. What made it especially fun at Money 20/20 Europe was that so many of our technology partners were there as well. To keep this short I’ll only mention a few companies that you should check out if you’re interested in the future of cyber security. Industry leading Kount is the company you should know about if you’re an online merchant looking to boost sales and reduce fraud losses. Nowadays their comprehensive platform also incorporates BehavioSec’s behavioral biometrics technology.

Authentication and identity solutions specialist Vasco that we partnered with earlier this year. They provide various smart solutions but personally I’d look a bit extra at their DIGIPASS for Apps that features, among many other things, state of the art behavioral biometrics technology.

My proudest moment however, was when Philippe Vallée, CEO of Gemalto, mentioned BehavioSec as a pre-integrated partner of their new Assurance Hub platform. The Gemalto Assurance Hub (GAH) will allow banks to get real time assessments of every banking session with behavioral biometrics provided by us at BehavioSec. Standing on the floor and hearing a giant not only speak warm about behavioral biometrics but OUR behavioral technology was extremely cool. This move really cements that Behavioral Biometrics is not a niche product but a key part of modern risk engines, integral for both fraud prevention as well as risk based authentication.

These days have really reminded me of how far we’ve come and the exciting journey that lies ahead.