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Providing a Layer of Continuous Authentication to a Digital Giant

  • Jordan Blake
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Frequent readers of this blog probably know that our Behavioral Biometrics-powered Continuous Authentication is adaptable to almost any digital environment. Today’s post discusses how one of our key partners, Gemalto, powers its risk and authentication platform with BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics.

“By selecting BehavioSec we made sure we integrated best-in-class Behavioral Biometrics into our Assurance Hub, the Gemalto multi-layer risk and authentication system. The combination of our technologies enables banks and financial institutions to guarantee a frictionless experience to their customers, without compromising on security” says Christopher Schenking, Head of Fraud and Risk Solutions at Gemalto.

A leader in Global Security, digital giant Gemalto is one of BehavioSec’s core partners. They offer a multitude of products, but a critical integration point for us is the Gemalto Assurance Hub, a smart risk-assessment cloud-based platform that is capable of real-time processing and assessing online interactions. Such a layered approach has become the norm in the security industry as fraudsters become faster and more adaptable when breaching legacy infrastructure.

“The world is a big place, we can’t always be the best match for every financial services, retail, enterprise, SaaS and other potential customer out there – sometimes they need to work with a global behemoth that can offer things like physical access, hardware security and smart cards in addition to digital transformation products,” said BehavioSec VP of Strategic Partners, Olov Renberg. “Gemalto is able to bring our Continuous Authentication signals into these massive deals through their Assurance Hub, giving us a role to play in some of the largest security technology deployments in the world. By partnering with platform partners like Gemalto, we are able to focus on our core competency: Continuous Authentication through Behavioral Biometrics.”

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to adopt the latest in layered, risk-based security. For one thing, fraudsters are generating greater demand for security, while simultaneously, customers demand simpler interactions that create less friction. With these multi-layered systems, it’s possible to 1. retain more customers, by delivering a better overall authentication experience with less friction 2. Creating difficult to overcome barriers that effectively thwart bad actors.

BehavioSec’s API-driven platform can easily feed into any modern risk or authentication system, like the Gemalto Assurance Hub. In fact, BehavioSec’s front-end SDKs and API scoring makes it simple to add Continuous Authentication capabilities to almost any digital environment. This even brings the capabilities of modern fraud and authentication solutions to older systems, extending their useful life by postponing the need for upgrades. Of course, when a system upgrade is unavoidable, it’s now easier than ever to get the latest in behavioral biometrics with the authentication and fraud platforms offered by Gemalto and our other partners.

If you find this topic interesting and want to learn more about Continuous Authentication through Behavioral Biometrics, be sure to visit us at any of our upcoming events or request a demo from one of our global sales representatives.