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EMA on “Ten Priorities for Identity Management in 2019” – Latest research validating behavioral biometrics and BehavioSec

  • Jordan Blake
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Independent research is highly influential in shaping the market for new technologies, particularly where cybersecurity and anti-fraud are concerned. Buyers are eager to see how objective experts frame the market, position vendors and highlight what is most important to consider when evaluating and deploying products.

At BehavioSec, we’re excited about a new Top 3 Report and Decision Guide from Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. (EMA) titled “Ten Priorities for Enabling Identity Management in 2019.” The report gives businesses many reasons to consider behavioral biometrics and BehavioSec’s platform to counter costly threats like password theft and reuse of compromised credentials to steal data or make unauthorized financial transactions. EMA’s subscribers can download the report here.

EMA’s research is timely, because the chronic theft and exposure of traditional e-mail and password login combinations pose growing problems for both cybersecurity and businesses’ Web and mobile-first strategies. As impressive as web and future 5G mobile app storefronts become, their Achilles’ heel from a trust perspective is relying on vulnerable passwords for authentication. Digital transformation means we need to rethink how we verify online identities. When experts advocate that online identity needs to become stronger and introduce less friction, they’re speaking to the notion that the era of layering security by placing the responsibility on the user is coming to an end. Cumbersome security measures face an uphill battle in productivity-focused enterprises, let alone among consumers who will always prefer to carry and use their preferred devices.

A better approach to restoring trust in user identities and login credentials is to make anyone entering a password prove who they are, by continuously measuring their typing patterns, cursor movements, touchscreen pressure and how they hold their phone. BehavioSec’s technology does this instantly and imperceptibly, to measure innate behavioral traits that attackers cannot simply clone or buy on the dark web.

Passwords are not going away anytime soon. As long as users are prone to choosing weak passwords or falling victim to malware, BehavioSec’s behavioral biometrics platform is a proven, globally-deployed security and risk management solution that developers, financial firms, retailers and other organizations can immediately leverage to ease customers’ password management anxiety and make the task exponentially more difficult for cybercriminals.

For another objective look at the argument for behavioral biometrics, check out a hands-on product review of BehavioSec, “The Algorithm of You: Defeating Attackers by Being Yourself,” conducted by the SANS Institute.

We’re always looking for the latest research on the state of digital identity and authentication. Reach out to us if you are working on studies in this field or have a favorite example or two to share.