BehavioSec and xWare42 partner up for secure payments

October 22, 2013

xWare42 and BehavioSec announced today the successful integration of a behavioral authentication into xPay.

xWare42 GmbH has taken on the task of using current technology to catapult the classic system of payment transactions into the 21st century.

BehavioSec is the leading provider of behaviometric authentication solutions without requiring additional special hardware. BehavioSec was selected as “Cool Vendors in Security: Identity and Access Management, 2012“ with its patented Continuous Authentication & Verification technology. The company focus on innovation in behavioral biometrics, is commercializing research from Luleå University of Technology, and counts DARPA and leading International financial institutions among its clients.

The Mobile and Web solutions are using keystroke timings, mouse movements as well as gestures and pressure to authenticate the rightful user of the account.