BehavioSec Names Dave Lapin Chief Revenue Officer

January 22, 2019

Lapin brings wealth of business development, marketing and partner strategy experience as BehavioSec continues rapid growth and momentum, including newly-awarded U.S. patents

SAN FRANCISCO, January 22, 2019BehavioSec, the pioneer in behavioral biometrics space, today announces that Dave Lapin has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). With more than 25 years of cybersecurity and enterprise technology sales, business development, and leadership experience, Mr. Lapin brings deep expertise in supporting early stage technology and services companies as they transition to mainstream integration.

As companies shift to more reliable, scalable, and operationally friendly deployment of continuous  authentication technologies, a critical component of their digital transformation efforts fueling Web and mobile commerce,  he will play a strategic role in driving long-term relationships across BehavioSec’s customers, partners, and industry thought leaders. His background of effectively connecting enterprises with innovative technologies at the appropriate transition points in the market,  is ideally suited to accelerating BehavioSec’s absorption into diverse industry sectors like banking, fintech, retail, cloud services and MED-ED segments. He has unique expertise identifying industry segment leaders, building the go to market and support teams that scale, while continuously assisting in focusing and refining products to meet the needs of those segment leaders that historically have moved “interesting new technologies” to broad market technology consumption transitions. His ability to define, build relationships, and provide service to support of those enterprises capable of leading actionable transitions in their markets is unique and noteworthy; “For those market leaders as well as fearless challengers that are sophisticated enough to understand and deploy behavioral biometrics to improve their users’ experiences (UX), harden their authentication architectures, and pioneer significant anti-fraud controls in the next wave of cyber lead service delivery, there is a great future that will allow those pioneers to distance themselves from their traditional competition”.

“BehavioSec is an exciting opportunity. Given the company’s proven behavioral biometrics technology, the excellent leadership team, the myriad of marquee investors – when you look at the convergence of where the operational and technology holes are in diminishing risk, the sweet-spot in securing digital transformation efforts clearly lends itself to behavioral biometrics as a critical component of any scalable and meaningful solution”.

Additionally Lapin remarked. “BehavioSec is ideally positioned to help companies of all sizes accelerate the digital transformation of their core businesses, while allowing them to transition to sizable new markets. By slashing needless costs in both fraud and operational overhead, seamlessly delivering continuous authentication across Web storefronts and mobile apps, while fiercely defending their constituents’ privacy, BehavioSec offers huge value to the ecosystem of partners and enterprises that need to defend their brands, and expand their markets ahead of their less technology adept competitors.”

“When you can add value in the authentication cycle by establishing a greater level of trust, aggregate risk in multiple domains is driven down. Loss of brand value, loss of assets, loss of trust, are the key areas BehavioSec has been, and will continue to add value to companies that value their customer relationships with a deeper commitment to protecting those relationships. By passively watching the natural behaviors of users of services provided by companies with “bet the farm”  investments in Cloud and Web properties, rapidly discerning machine generated traffic, and clearly identifying bad actors earlier in the session cycles, it’s a win-win for managing fraud risk, downstream loss, and building confidence that companies are going the extra mile to ensure their customer relationships’’ peace-of-mind.”

Dave has over two decades of experience in senior management. Prior to joining at BehavioSec, he was a top sales executive at NCC Group Security Services, IOActive, Dell Secureworks and Cisco Systems.In these roles, he has  supported technology and services providers, in building and testing reliable, scalable, high integrity systems. He drove business units to deliver products while strategizing and meeting revenue objectives. Lapin’s experience provides keen technical insights in security, core IP routing and switching, unified communications, silicon and system security, and other network technologies, as well as a deep understanding of customer issues and a thorough approach to sales. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

BehavioSec’s platform drives the company’s worldwide momentum as more business and government authorities acknowledge the limits of traditional login credentials too often stolen or exposed in the cybercrime underground. By instantly analyzing users’ keystrokes, cursor movements, touchscreen pressure and device handling, BehavioSec can continuously authenticate users based on their authentic, innate behaviors in real time. The platform detects suspect logins and transactions, or subjects them to higher risk scoring and customers’ further mitigations. This adds a new, pivotal last line of defense against account takeovers and unchecked fraud costs when criminals use browser malware, stolen devices, intercepted passwords and other techniques to bypass account security. BehavioSec was recently granted three new U.S. patents covering the core technology behind these capabilities, recognizing the company’s true innovator status.

European Union (EU) authorities overseeing the EU’s toughened payment security regulation, Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), validated behavioral biometrics meets PSD2 requirements, meaning BehavioSec customers are already prepared for related compliance requirements and business opportunities under the EU’s global business influence.

About BehavioSec

BehavioSec is the first vendor to pioneer behavioral biometrics. The company’s Behavioral Biometrics Platform is widely deployed across Global 2000 companies for its proven ability to dramatically reduce account fraud and data theft. Founded in 2008 out of groundbreaking academic research, BehavioSec technology allows companies, to continuously verify digital identities with superior precision, in real-time. Strengthened with the leadership of serial entrepreneurs and experienced industry professionals, the BehavioSec team now spans the world, providing security while preserving a rich digital experience throughout web and mobile apps. BehavioSec is the only enterprise-grade vendor used in global deployments with some of the largest companies, reducing manual review whilst safeguarding millions of users and billions of transactions. BehavioSec investors include Forgepoint Capital, Cisco, ABN AMRO, Conor Ventures and Octopus Ventures. BehavioSec is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has global operations throughout Europe and Asia Pac. For more information, visit

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