BehavioSec in Forbes

August 19, 2014

Forget Passwords. Now Banks Can Track Your Typing Behavior On Phones. Read the whole article in Forbes.

This article sent ripples into the media landscape with features in:

The Times (requires subscription),

IT World Canada,



Süddeutsche Zeitung (article in German).
Some quotes from our CEO, Neil Costigan:

“We’re monitoring the small stuff,” says Neil Costigan, CEO of BehavioSec, the Swedish security startup behind the recent roll-out.

“The flight between the keys, which corners of the keys you tend to hit, where you pause. Do you circle in on a button or do you go straight to it and hit it?”

The goal according to Costigan, is to build the technology into smartphones so that the entire device becomes contextually aware of who’s using them, just by tracking keystroke styles. It could know for instance, if a child has picked up a tablet and started browsing YouTube videos or important files. “It’s constantly learning,” says Costigan.

“The behavior is always watched and your profile is constantly updated… The way you would normally do this in the past was a statistical analysis and you would map and make up models of people.”