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CS: Trust in digital services

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Neil Costigan on “Trust in digital services”

Neil Costigan, CEO of the behavioural biometrics firm BehavioSec, agrees that high profile hacking and cyber-crime headlines in recent months have highlighted the detrimental impact of a company not having the correct security measures in place, which in turn heightens consumer concerns around privacy.

Costigan says: “Much of this lack of trust likely stems from the fact that consumers feel that their online security lies very much in their hands – their ability to remember and manage multiple login details and passwords.”

To re-establish the trust, service providers need to change the way they think about security, taking an increasingly layered approach to focus on continuous authentication. This behind-the-scenes security would help give the user confidence  that they are protected and verified not only when they log on, but throughout the duration of the session.

“Consumers should be part of the security solution rather than the problem,” Costigan toldSCMagazineUK.com, concluding, “however, this should not introduce a layer of complexity that requires either expertise or access to specific software. We must take the responsibility away from the end user, and put it back in the hands of security officers and fraud specialists.”

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