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Bellerophontes The Cat

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Bellerophontes The Cat

Adoptable puppies and kittens at renowned New York pet welfare organization given extraordinary names to help protect young owners’ future cybersecurity

Your first pet’s name is a memorable and charming password choice. Unfortunately, one in six people think the same, and names like ‘Max’ and ‘Bella’ are such common choices for four-legged friends that they are incredibly hackable. That’s why we’ve partnered with New York’s longest-established animal welfare charity, Bideawee, to allocate extraordinary passwords to five of its adoptable puppies and kittens.

Credit: Dan BizarroCredit: Dan Bizarro

These names are designed (through length, lettering, and rarity) to act as more secure choices for future passwords and security question answers; to let parents bring home a new member of the family whose name will also provide added password security for years to come.

We have given five of Bideawee’s puppies and kittens in need of homes unusual names which conform to the following (harder-to-hack) criteria:

  • Are actual names derived from historical, religious, and mythological sources
  • Can easily be turned into shorter nicknames that are easy for children to pronounce
  • Contain letters that can easily be substituted with numbers and symbols (e.g. ‘s’ becoming ‘5’)
  • Are both pronounceable and full of character, but obscure enough to be comparatively unguessable
  • Are at least 12 characters long (the recommended minimum password length)

To adopt a kitten or a puppy please get in touch with Bideawee via www.bideawee.org
or 631-684-0079

The puppies and kittens

Skallagrimsson “Skalla”, the brown boxer mix puppy


Suggested password:Skallagr!m55on

Named for the Viking warrior-poet, adventurer, and hero of the Icelandic saga Egill’s Saga.

Nunbarsegunu “Goonoo”, the black shorthair kitten


Suggested password:Nunbars3gu^u

Named for the ancient Mesopotamian mother goddess, mentioned in creation texts as the ‘old woman of Nippur’.

Chimalpopoca “Popo”, the Chihuahua-terrier mix puppy


Suggested password:Ch!malpop0ca

Named for the 15th-century Aztec king, whose name means ‘smoking shield’ in Nahuatl.

Bellerophontes “Bell”, the black shorthair kitten


Suggested password:Beller0phonte$

Named for one of the greatest heroes and monster-slayers of Ancient Greek mythology, who killed the Chimera (described by Homer as a beast with a lion’s head, goat’s body, and serpent’s tail).

Keumalahayati “Kuma”, the black boxer mix puppy


Suggested password:K3umalahayat!

Named for the 16th-century admiral of the Aceh Sultanate (today Sumatra, Indonesia), the first female admiral in the modern world, who defeated Dutch invaders and led negotiations with Queen Elizabeth of England’s envoys. She was killed in an assault on the Portuguese fleet.

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About Bideawee

Bideawee, which means “stay awhile,” in Scottish, is one of the oldest and most respected animal welfare and pet adoption organizations in the United States. Founded in 1903, Bideawee’s mission is to be Greater New York’s leader in rescuing, caring for, and placing homeless cats and dogs with people who love them. Bideawee provides an array of high touch services including adoption centers, animal hospitals, pet therapy programs, and pet memorial parks that serve pets and pet lovers on their lifelong journey together. To learn more, visit www.bideawee.org