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BehavioSec today announces partnership with Appdome

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Stockholm, Sweden. – April 25 2017

BehavioSec today announces partnership with Appdome, the mobile industry cloud service that automates mobile integration by fusing new services to mobile apps. A direct product of the partnership, AppFusion for BehavioSec will now enable mobile developers and professionals to rapidly integrate biometric and behavior-based authentication solutions within existing mobile apps, without code changes. The pairing of the technologies, from BehavioSec and Appdome, will provide peace of mind for users and developers alike, as changes and iterations are made continuously, without any need to re-write a mobile app or product.

Neil Costigan, CEO of BehavioSec, says: “Our customers are generally plagued by constant stress on one of their most precious resource, their mobile app developers; which inevitably leads to unavoidable delays. This is one of the many reasons we love Appdome’s ingenious ‘one click’ fusion to integrate our technology to customer apps, without the need to further tax scarce mobile app developer resources.”

Available under Appdome’s newest service category, Mobile Identity, the BehavioSec SDK enables developers and citizen-integrators to easily and quickly protect their end-users while continuing to implement any changes or adjustments without re-writing the app. BehavioSec’s technology captures specific user information, analyzing details of each user such as keystrokes, press and sequence, as well as device type and address of the user. This kind of information is susceptible to fraud and attacks. By pairing their technologies, Appdome and BehavioSec provide peace of mind to users and developers, as changes and iterations are made continuously.

For more information on the Appdome platform, Mobile Identity or to request a demo, please visit Appdome Mobile Identity.

About Behaviosec

BehavioSec transforms behavior into a transparent additional layer of security by monitoring in real time the way users interact with their devices. BehavioSec’s technology recognizes if a conflicting user is operating a device by monitoring the environment, rhythms, and interaction patterns that are unique to each user. The solution is designed to enhance security without impacting the user experience. It is currently protecting over 5B+ transactions per year. Find out more at behaviosec.com.

About Appdome

Appdome is a productivity platform for mobile integration, providing the rapid integration of multiple third-party functions to apps, shortening the deployment cycle and connecting mobile apps to other services on demand. The codeless service operates as a mobile integration workflow in the cloud, and allows users to perform integration projects on the final application package. No source code or development expertise is required. Likewise, no modifications to an app or an SDK are required to complete integration projects on the platform. The solution is currently used by the world’s leading financial, healthcare and e-commerce companies to support productivity, compliance and security for consumers and employees. Appdome was rated a “Cool Vendor in Mobile Security” by Gartner in 2015. The company is based in Silicon Valley, United States and Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit www.appdome.com.