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BehavioSec partners with Nationwide and Unisys

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How passé is your password?

Did you know:

  • The average UK adult has six passwords to remember

  • 70% of people click “forgot password” an average of twice per month

  • Seven in ten of UK consumers want more security, but don’t want more passwords or PINs to remember

That’s why we’re so pleased to announce our partnership with Nationwide and Unisys. For the past few months, we been building a prototype app with them. The prototype is still in its early stages, but trialling behavioral biometrics with the digital services of the UK’s biggest building society means that we’re one step closer to seeing behavioral biometrics as a standard feature.

We’re not here to replace the password, but we know that it’s not enough to ask users to create strong passwords, especially when they need to remember at least six of them. Behavioral biometrics is the way forward for banking, payments, and other digital transactions.

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