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BehavioSec expands in the US

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Biometrics is on the rise, and the type of biometric that is growing the fastest is Behavioral Biometrics. As part of our commitment to some of the biggest global banks, BehavioSec is now joining them in the financial capital of the world, on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue.

Our ability to minimize fraud and spot malware by individually verifying end users through how they type, swipe, and hold their devices, is a perfect fit for companies that need to combine security and user friendliness. BehavioSec’s new location in the heart of New York puts us within touching distance of the decision-makers at America’s biggest banks, and will allow us to forge new partnerships with those institutions looking to improve their security solutions with behavioral.

Here’s how to get in touch with us: contact@behaviosec.com

See you in New York!

New York, NY 10017