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Behavioral Biometrics Offers PSD2 Compliance: BehavioSec

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FindBiometrics, July, 18, 2018

BehavioSec is highlighting its technology’s compliance with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), the European Union’s major regulation for payment services and transactions.

In a new post on its website, BehavioSec points out the PSD2 now requires ‘Strong Customer Authentication‘ (SCA), which it defines as the use of two of three authentication factors – something the user knows, something they possess, and some kind of inherent trait. BehavioSec’s solution combines two of these. By assessing patterns in end users’ behavior, such as how they hold their smartphones or how they type on a keyboard, BehavioSec’s behavioral biometrics essentially look at an inherent quality in the user – something the user can’t easily change, and which can’t easily be mimicked by fraudsters. And by combining this with a password – something the user knows – the system complies with the SCA component of PSD2.

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