Mobile banking and payments

With the increased usage of smart phones the rise in mobile banking and –payment solutions new authentication methods needs to be applied to further enhance the security to prevent fraud and protect from unauthorized usage.

Most enterprises currently limit the mobile application functionality available to customers to low-risk transactions. For example, most banks do not enable money transfers to first-time payees from mobile banking applications.1

Strong authentication of mobile users requires new methods, since most common strong authentication measures used for desktop or laptop computing do not translate well in the mobile environment. Consider deploying biometrics using keystroke dynamics or voiceprints for added assurances and security, while maintaining user convenience. However, recognize that keystroke dynamics authentication is not yet available on all mobile devices.

Gartner advises to: Consider biometrics such as typing rhythms and voiceprints for mobile banking user authentication.

Gartner, Updated FFIEC Guidance on U.S. Online Banking Security Was Overdue. 1 July 2011 Avivah Litan.