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Summer Internship Software Developer

Location: Luleå

What we do

BehavioSec power real-time analysis of behavioral data for fraud prevention and authentication. We analyze data collected from the user and validates it against a stored profile for that user and calculates a risk of fraudulent usage for the session.

What you’ll do

Implementation of a scalable back-end for real-time analysis and visualization of behavioral data ingested from client-based collectors. The system will employ stream processing (e.g. Kafka Streams, Flink) and existing prediction system to provide real-time visualization in a web-based dashboard. In addition to the event log the processed and aggregated data will be stored in a database for retrieval, with basic functionality regarding replays, comparisons and analysis in the dashboard.

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program in Computer Science or related technical field and graduating between 2020 and 2021. 
  • Has deep knowledge of several high-level languages and strong analytical ability 
  • Interest in distributed systems and/or big data processing 

Company culture

  • Start-up DNA Hands-on, ready to help wherever help is needed
  • Self-driven, comfortable driving key opportunities alone

How to apply

  • Apply to careers@behaviosec.com with CV and cover letter. Use “Summer Internship Software Developer” in the subject line 
  • We will review your credentials and schedule a meeting