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Who is BehavioSec?

BehavioSec is a leading Behavioral Biometrics company with more than a decade of experience in providing enterprise scale security solutions. BehavioSec provides its customers with continuous authentication of digital identities across mobile and web apps while remaining totally transparent to the end user. BehavioSec is trusted by Global 2000 customers worldwide, protecting billions of transactions against fraud and continuously authenticating identities across millions of users. BehavioSec is headquartered in San Francisco with operations in Europe.

What is Behavioral Biometrics?

Pioneered by BehavioSec, Behavioral Biometrics uses characteristics of human behavior to authenticate individuals based on how they perform digital inputs, such as mouse movements, typing rhythm, touch and swipe gestures, or the particular way an individual holds their device. Behavioral Biometrics provides continuous authentication to verify an individual by monitoring known biometric behavior in the background without negatively impacting their experience.

BehavioSec introduced this technology in 2007. Today, BehavioSec serves a wide range of Global 2000 enterprises while continuing to work on advanced Research and Development projects, including projects for the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

What is Behavioral Biometrics Software?

BehavioSec’s patented approach enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate the Behavioral Biometrics software platform into their existing and future mobile and web apps.

Using a rich suite of APIs and lightweight SDKs, BehavioSec’s software platform provides enterprises with real-time actionable intelligence scores and continuous authentication of users, preventing account takeovers, new account fraud and machine automated attacks

What problem does BehavioSec's Behavioral Biometrics Software solve?

Through working with Global 2000s, BehavioSec has seen our software used to detect and stop the following key online fraud and security challenges:

  • Account Takeover Fraud: Fraudsters using stolen credentials to access accounts.
  • New Account Fraud: Fraudsters creating accounts.
  • Account Sharing Violations: The sharing of login credentials and passwords that typically violate subscription contracts.
  • Malware Related Fraud: These are attacks, typically associated with bots and RATs (Remote Access Tools), designed to conduct online attacks.

What are some use cases for BehavioSec's Behavioral Biometrics technology?

BehavioSec’s software is currently used to solve a multitude of problems for a vast number of Global 2000 customers. Commonly, our customers have a desire for frictionless digital security that provides continuous authentication across platforms throughout the entire length of the user journey.

Typical scenarios seamlessly enhanced by BehavioSec’s software include:

  • Online banking
  • Mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payments
  • Fintech applications
  • SaaS subscription enforcement
  • Enterprise security

BehavioSec’s software delivers precise biometric analysis and user information to help detect and stop digital fraud, reduce the number of outbound customer calls required to verify identity, reduce uncertainty generated by traditional one-time authentications tools, and orchestrate appropriate responses to combat fraud attacks from malware and criminals.

How does BehavioSec's Behavioral Biometrics Software compare to traditional authentication offerings?

When people think of authentication, they typically picture some type of active authentication, such asa password or 2FA-system. While Behavioral Biometrics can and is used to strengthen traditional, one-time authentication, the differentiating benefit comes from its passive capabilities. With BehavioSec’s software, it is both easy and possible to extend the security past the initial login to continuously authenticate the user throughout the entire interaction. BehavioSec verifies the user continuously after initial authentication and continues to verify users transparently without any change to the user experience, enabling the enterprise to keep both the rich digital experience exactly as designed and provide a safer user experience.

How is BehavioSec different from other vendors in this space?

For more than 10 years, BehavioSec has been processing enormous amounts of data from enterprise deployments spanning millions of users and billions of transactions. The BehavioSec portfolio includes research and collaboration with DARPA, partnerships and research with handset manufacturers, and working with leading academic institutions worldwide. This, combined with a first-class IP portfolio and various key patents distinguish BehavioSec from its competitors. BehavioSec’s technology is nonintrusive and totally transparent to the user, improving security without compromising the user experience. In addition, BehavioSec technology is increasingly being embedded as a core component of market-leading continuous authentication and banking solutions provided by companies like Gemalto, OneSpan (formerly VASCO), HiD, Monitise, Temenos, and others.

How does BehavioSec complement my current authentication, risk and/or anti-fraud engines?

BehavioSec provides a real-time score comparing a user’s behavior to the stored Behavioral Biometrics profile of that user. This rich, real-time behavioral analysis scoring is either integrated through REST API into the client’s risk or fraud engine or accessed through the BehavioSec dashboard.

How can I test out BehavioSec's offerings?

You can test BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics software offering either by fusing your website or app with BehavioSec’s SDKs or by getting a product demonstration from a local BehavioSec representative. You can request a demo or get technical support by contacting a BehavioSec representative at https://www.behaviosec.com/demos/.

What skill sets will I need to integrate BehavioSec's software into my current apps?

BehavioSec’s SDKs are very lightweight and there is a little bit of coding required. If you have any experience with JavaScript, iOS or Android development it can be done pretty quickly. Visit the BehavioSec developer portal for more information, code examples, and lightweight SDKs.

Can I deploy BehavioSec's Behavioral Biometrics Software on-premises?

Absolutely! The server-side software is deployed into J2EE containers and we support a number of application servers such as JBoss, WildFly, GlassFish, WebSphere and WebLogic. The solution is fully scalable, and we have tested configurations for supporting millions of users. We normally use an enterprise scalable SQL database to hold the behavioral data, according to customer security and retention policies.

How is BehavioSec's offering priced?

Standard pricing is per user per year.

How many transactions can BehavioSec's Behavioral Biometrics Software platform support?

BehavioSec’s software is easily scalable using load balancers. BehavioSec can therefore support any load, since the solution scales by simply adding more application servers. Current enterprise-size integrations span from hundreds to thousands of HTTPS requests per second, without any difference in response- or processing time.

How many users can BehavioSec's Behavioral Biometrics Software platform support?

BehavioSec’s software platform is built to be easily scalable with load balancers and databases. Current integrations span from thousands to millions of end-users, without any difference in performance.

What types of devices and applications does it support?

Most JavaScript-enabled browser as well as any iOS and Android device.

How can I evaluate the BehavioSec product?

A typical evaluation involves integrating BehavioSec’s SDKs into your website or mobile app and begin the process of silently collecting behavioral biometric data. As data begin flowing to the system, BehavioSec’s capabilities will quickly increase. Starting with immediate detection of bots, RATs and malware and expanding with new account fraud, account takeover and account sharing as more data is processed by the self-learning BehavioSec backend. BehavioSec is always available to help analyze the collected data and offer reports, custom policies and integration recommendations as needed.