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BehavioSec is the first vendor to pioneer Behavioral Biometrics for the enterprise at scale that can support billions of transactions and millions of users. BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics software is a new method that transparently and continuously verifies human digital identity across mobile and web apps.

While traditional authentication technologies offer one-time verification, typically during the sign in phase and introduce friction to the digital experience, they typically validate things that infer the user’s identity. In contrast, BehavioSec’s software platform, as part of a multi-layered authentication approach, verifies people in real-time and continuously as the user engages with the app.


BehavioSec’s platform delivers precise information on users engaging with mobile and web apps to help detect and stop digital fraud, lower outbound customer calls required to verify identity, reduce uncertainty generated by traditional, one-time authentications tools, and orchestrate appropriate course of actions to combat fraud attacks from malware and criminals. BehavioSec provides unique capabilities to help fraud and security teams effectively combat against the rise of cybercrime.


  • Security – Continuous authentication that complements one-time verification.
  • Frictionless – Transparent authentication that improves digital experience.
  • Integration – Easily connect with existing web and mobile apps.
  • Scalability – Authenticate billions of transactions across millions of users.
  • Orchestrate – Connect to existing anti-fraud and security systems.
  • Savings – Mitigate on-line fraud risk. Automate your response to attacks.


  • Ensuring Uptime – Protect the transaction integrity across your digital transformation efforts
  • Less Manual Intervention – Automate your real-time detection and response to online fraud.
  • Lowering False Positives – Identify individual identities based on their unique behavioral traits.
  • Lowering Fraud Risks – Detect real-time and continuously online account attacks.


Improve Signal to noise ratio associated with digital fraud



Lower outbound calls associated with verifying identities



Streamline course of actions to respond to fraud attempts via REST API



No Burden or friction required to the digital experience of the user required

BehavioSec’s Platform

BehavioSec’s patented approach enables enterprises to easily integrate our behavioral biometrics software platform via a rich suite of APIs including mobile and web SDKs, to existing and new web and mobile apps. BehavioSec’s platform incorporates a multitude of behavioral signals to provide accurate metrics at scale across millions of users.


BehavioSec is the first vendor to pioneer Behavioral Biometrics. The company’s Behavioral Biometrics software platform is widely deployed across Global 2000 companies for its proven ability to dramatically reduce account fraud and data theft. Founded in 2008 out of groundbreaking academic research, BehavioSec technology allows companies, to continuously verify digital identities with superior precision, in real-time. Strengthened with the leadership of serial entrepreneurs and experienced industry professionals, the BehavioSec team now spans the world, providing security while preserving a rich digital experience throughout web and mobile apps. BehavioSec is the only enterprise-grade vendor used in global deployments with some of the largest companies, reducing manual review whilst safeguarding millions of users and billions of transactions. BehavioSec investors include Forgepoint Capital, Cisco, ABN AMRO, Conor Ventures and Octopus Ventures. BehavioSec is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has global operations throughout Europe and Asia Pac. For more information, visit www.behaviosec.com.