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Remote Access Authentication Using Behavioral Biometrics

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Remote access authentication using behavioral biometrics


In this case study, a large enterprise with an increasing amount of off-site work from both work-related travel and a fast-growing remote workforce, is faced with a unique challenge to ensure their data security is scalable and impenetrable. Their data access policies rely on physical access management provided at the company offices and do not always provide off-site employees with the ability to complete work-critical tasks. Legacy security solutions only add burden to productivity, sometimes causing employees to ignore security protocols in order to simply complete their work. Upon evaluating security vendors for a frictionless solution, they selected BehavioSec for its enterprise-grade capabilities with on-premise deployment and integration with existing legacy risk management systems.


  • Enterprise



Company enabling employees to access company data from remote locations


  • Increasing amount of off-site workers adding manual review to internal security teams.
  • Data access policies created friction for workers denied access to work-critical information off-site.
  • Employees ignoring friction heavy security protocols, creating security liabilities for the company.


  • The >98% continuous accuracy drastically lowered the false rejection rate.
  • Added verification now allows employees safe access to necessary data.
  • Transparently securing employees without negative impact on work productivity.


The company’s increased flexibility towards working off-site increased productivity but caused friction with its own security
policies. Additional methods such as VPN tokens were issued to verify digital identity but these methods were having an
adverse impact upon employee productivity by adding additional time consuming two-step verifications to the employee’s
work day. When lacking strong verification methods, off-site workers receive limited access to company data, forcing some
to bypass security protocol and keep data on portable drives. Searching for nonintrusive ways to strengthen authentication,
the company found BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics software and started an evaluation of the solution.


The Solution – After BehavioSec

BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics software was implemented on the company’s web-application, protecting internal free-text communication, data storage, and email accounts. The company was able to adjust their data-access policies to best fit their employees work days (without negative impact on security) because BehavioSec provides more than 98% accuracy continuously authenticating digital identities. The scalability of the BehavioSec solution also allows the company to improve its security globally across all their employees without burdening off-site workers with interruptions to their workflow to respond to security tokens.



BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics software empowered this company to transparently verify its employees without
hurting productivity. BehavioSec is now a key part of their security architecture, lowering false positives and protecting data whilst empowering off-site employees with risk-based data access.