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Frictionless Authentication Enabled Using Behavioral Biometrics

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Remote access authentication using behavioral biometrics


In this case study, a multinational tech company with an increasing number of distributed workers was faced with the challenge of ensuring that their data security was scalable yet globally secure. The enterprise data access policies relied on physical access management provided at the company offices and did not consistently provide distributed employees with the access needed to complete work-critical tasks. Legacy security solutions burdened productivity, sometimes causing employees to ignore or work around security protocols in order to meet mission-critical deadlines. Additionally, the company’s internal support center spent most of their time on the phone with employees dealing with lost security tokens and locked accounts, costing the company on average $74 per call.

Upon evaluating several security vendors, the customer selected BehavioSec for our enterprise-grade capabilities to verify digital identities and reduce authentication friction using behavioral biometrics with high accuracy at scale. BehavioSec was quickly deployed to their cloud infrastructure and a straightforward integration with their existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform allowed for a rapid value add with minimal integration costs.


  • Global Enterprise


Enterprise customer requirement to enable employee secure data access from any location


  • The increasing number of distributed workers created a surge in manual review for the customer’s internal security teams.
  • Data protection denied distributed workers access to critical information which impacted overall productivity and user experience.
  • Employee frustration with heightened security protocols resulted in workarounds which exposed the company to increased liability.


  • The implementation of BehavioSec resulted in an 88% reduction of two-factor authentication challenges.
  • Behavioral authentication resulted in a yearly cost saving of a mid six-figure $$ amount in reduction of spend on tokens and locked account management
  • The added verification layer increased the confidence in digital identities by more than 99% and now allows employees secure, frictionless access to necessary data.
  • Transparently securing distributed employees without negative impact on productivity or user experience has greatly improved both employee satisfaction and employee retention scores.


The enterprise required scalable, flexible security to meet remote workforce expansion goals which were meant to increase worker productivity and reduce costs; however, the initial result was negative user experience as the legacy security policies were not scalable to meet remote workforce requirements. As an alternative, the customer issued physical and digital tokens to their remote employees to verify digital identity. These methods simply added a different user friction and negative productivity impact by introducing a time-consuming two-factor verification process requiring physical tokens. Additionally, any issue with the tokens had to be resolved with costly and time-consuming “over-the-phone” identity verification with the company’s already resource-restrained security department. When lacking strong verification methods, remote workers received limited access to company data, forcing some to bypass security protocols and keep sensitive data on personable portable drives.

Searching for non-intrusive ways to reduce authentication friction without compromising global security, the company found BehavioSec’s offering on their existing IAM provider’s partner exchange and immediately initiated an evaluation of the behavioral solution.

The Solution – After BehavioSec

BehavioSec was easily added to the company’s Single Sign On (SSO) application, protecting internal free-text communication, data storage, customer records, and expense and email accounts. The customer was able to adjust their data-access policies to best fit their employee’s workday without compromising their existing security solution. BehavioSec’s granular scoring enabled the company to take a risk-based approach to employee digital identity, only adding friction when necessary. The solution’s scalability enabled the customer to improve the security of their digital identities globally for all employees without burdening distributed teams with costly and intrusive interruptions to their workflow. The enterprise’s security team can now verify the company’s entire workforce with an additional 99% accuracy, making time-consuming manual review a thing of the past.


BehavioSec’s solution empowers this company to transparently verify its employees using behavioral biometrics and continuous authentication with no impact on productivity. BehavioSec is a key part of their security architecture, drastically lowering the need for two-factor authentications while empowering all employees with frictionless risk-based SSO access. The company has reduced the cost of token purchases and locked accounts by six figures, and increased remote employee satisfaction over 70%.