DARPA: Active Authentication program

Our approach to continuously secure IT without prompting the user to authenticate has been given additional support by U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). DARPA’s recent investment in their Active Authentication Project (BAA 12-06) points to the fact that it is inherently unnatural for humans to create, remember, and manage long complex passwords.

“The authentication happens in the background – invisible to you – while you continue doing your work without interruptions.” – Mr. Richard Guidorizzi, DARPA Program Manager, Beyond Passwords.

BehavioSec solutions achieve this by continuously monitor user’s keystroke & mouse movements to ensure that the right person is using the computer at any given time. This new approach to IT security is currently focused on government desktop & laptops. There are however many future areas that can benefit from this work such as mobile devices and web applications. BehavioSec will continue to innovate in the field of Behaviometrics and are excited for the opportunity to take part in the one year research program together with DARPA.

Phase 1 of the research – 2012/2013

In phase one we used the data behavioral of 100 volountary users for 3 months on standard windows office PCs, to extend current biometrical measurement definitions to better fit the unique characteristics of continuous behaviometrics.

BehavioSec modalities
BehavioSec modalities

The modalities researched was a great success and lead to phase 2 of the research

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