In order to still your thirst for knowledge about Behavior Biometrics we at BehavioSec have decided to start a weekly update on “what is behavioral biometrics” and where it can make a difference. We will write about modern security in general and behavioral biometrics in particular. Hope you’ll all enjoy it!

Published on Jul 03, 2018

End Helpdesk Fraud with Behavioral Biometrics, a Continuous PSD2-Factor

Helpdesk fraud, also known as the original Tech Support Scam, refers to when fraudsters call victims to offer technical support services. Historically, many fraudsters targeted Microsoft Windows users, hence the alternative name ‘Microsoft-fraud’ but now it has become a growing menace across both platforms and industry verticals. These fraudsters rely on social engineering and confidence […]
Published on Jun 29, 2018

We are hiring

Our CEO, Neil Costigan, is in town from San Francisco visiting our Research and Development team in Luleå, Sweden. Visits such as these galvanize our team, keep us well-informed of any new and exciting developments from our other locations, and unify our efforts to achieve our new visions. We also relish this opportunity to challenge him […]
Published on Jun 29, 2018

Death of Authentication

With the Bangladeshi hack in recent memory, it is now clear to everyone that the SWIFT international interbank payment network is vulnerable to attacks. Recently, fraudsters struck again in Mexico. When signs of unauthorized access in the Mexican version of interbank transfer network (SPEI) were discovered at a bank, the Mexican Central Bank kept it […]
Published on Mar 22, 2018

How increasing the amount of data can help us overcome information overflow and score fatigue

  What can we learn from our mistakes in automation, and what’s in store for this trend in the future? In 2017 we saw plenty of attacks using a wide variety of methods, striking hard against the poorly-protected. We’re also seeing increasingly secure systems, with attacks that still manage to keep up. As much as […]
Published on Sep 07, 2017

How behavioral biometrics is used to identify bots faster than ever before

A recent study by Imperva showed that more than half of internet traffic in 2016 was made up by bots. Luckily not all that bot traffic is malicious, there’s a lot of good bots working the internet. The problem of removing the good bots from the bad and more importantly, the bad from human users, is getting […]
Published on Aug 21, 2017

There’s no need to kill the password, at least not yet

The passwords existence is something I hear more and more discussions about, especially near the end of a month, maybe prompted by people forgetting which password goes where as they’re trying to pay their bills. Every trade show I attend have an increasing amount of companies there claiming that they have THE solution that will […]
Published on Aug 10, 2017

New York, the perfect FinTech melting pot

My first experiences with New York City came when I studied abroad in upstate NY. Occasionally, when the weather wasn’t good enough for mountain climbing or snowboarding and we had saved up enough money for a fun weekend, we would head down to the big city. As many other college students have experienced staying in […]
Published on Jul 31, 2017

Machine learning enables security automation and empowers the analyst to combat fraud

It’s very clear to me that fraud prevention needs a serious update. For someone like myself, who travels extensively to speak at conferences, meet customers, or getting some well needed vacation, getting intrusive calls from my credit card provider asking questions about my weird travel patterns is among my least favorite things. It is very […]
Published on Jul 09, 2017

DARPA Active Authentication

So this week was quite interesting for us, and reminded me of the very early start on the path to commercializing behavioral biometrics and furthermore the Continuous Authentication (should’ve trademarked it). You may have seen the story on CBS News on Saturday where they talked about killing the password using active authentication. A big part of […]
Published on Jul 03, 2017

Recap from Money 20/20 Europe

Once again, I’ve departed from the beautiful city of Copenhagen and heading home after a couple of joyfully and packed days (especially following the big announcement from Gemalto). For those of you that couldn’t attend this year (and why you probably should go next year) I decided to write down my favorite parts of this week. […]