It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year to Stay Vigilant of Digital Cybercrime

December 21, 2021

The BehavioSec team from around the globe wishes a happy, healthy and joyous holiday season. And as you and your families are coming together to celebrate, we wanted to do our part to make your holiday celebrations as special as they can be by offering guidance on how you can stay vigilant in the coming weeks to avoid being a victim of fraud.

Unfortunately for some folks, this time of year can take a turn from the “most wonderful” time to the most detrimental if we are not careful about digital fraud. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says its Internet Crime Complaint Center has already braced for an uptick in crimes as scam artists target online holiday shoppers.

Below are just some examples of what online criminals are constantly up to, especially during the holidays:

  • Social Engineering: Social engineering is a tactic cyber criminals use to manipulate their victims to bypass security steps, including credential checks, tokens, step-ups, and other protective methods, in order to access accounts. We offer guidance on how to defend against these attacks in our recent blog post.
  • Credential Stuffing: Credential stuffing seeks out login names and passwords which are already in use to fraudulently access accounts. Again, we recently covered how to thwart these types of attacks.
  • Account Takeover: With Account Takeover, fraudsters take a series of steps to access your account and make changes in order to have complete access.

Ultimately, fraud is not going away no matter what time of the year we’re in – and it is our responsibility to take all the necessary steps to protect our customers, especially during a celebratory, but risky, time of year. Our behavioral biometrics technology has prevented millions of fraudulent transactions while enabling employees and customers to stay engaged and authenticated throughout their user journeys. If you have some free time over the holidays, check out our free docker demo you can sign up for and access here.

Happy holidays!