Behaviosec SDK for mobile authentication

BehavioSec is delighted to announce the immediate availability of its Mobile SDK for App developers for both iPhone/iOS and Android platforms. Windows mobile and other platforms are available upon request.

The mobile solution is 100% transparent to the end-user, optimized for size & limited bandwidth resources. The SDK allows the App developer to focus on their mobile functionality while adding a new layer of security fully compatible with BehavioWeb, slotting into the same, award winning, security architecture.


Behaviometric Capture format

[“f”,”pincode”, //# event ,keyoffset, time, pressure # [[0,1,2790477,26274], [1,1,2790577,19803], [0,5,2790766,17254], … [1,3,2793470,22521]] ]]

This opens possibilities for multi-layered security in a mobile, a traditionally constrained device. For use in, for example, mobile banking or payments Apps, and authentication enhancement for mobile users.


iPhone Objective-C code sample

-(void)setup {
[ [ BehavioSec sharedInstance ] registerField:self.usernameField withName:@”text#username” isAnonymous:NO ] ;
[ [ BehavioSec sharedInstance ] registerField:self.emailField withName:@”text#email” isAnonymous:NO ];
[ [ BehavioSec sharedInstance ] registerField:self.passwordField withName:@”password#password” isAnonymous:YES


In addition to traditional keystroke biometrics, the lightweight mobile SDK can optionally, consider mobile specific behaviour such as tactile pressure and geo-location if the mobile platform is capable.

To receive further information, such as sample code and access to our hosted security management services.

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