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BehavioSec Platform Recognized with 2019 Tech Ascension Award

  • Jordan Blake
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Of the many cybersecurity challenges companies face, preventing data exposure resulting from credential theft is one of the biggest. Billions of stolen user credentials litter the black market as passwords are constantly breached and reused. As digital transformation accelerates, the risk of credential theft is only amplified. And the stakes will continue to rise as the introduction of new devices and 5G networks increase both opportunities and risk against a backdrop of data privacy and anti-fraud measures and mandates.

Amid this breakneck environment of digital advances and accompanying threats, BehavioSec is taking one of attackers’ favorite tools off the table: stolen passwords and other online credentials. Using typing patterns, cursor movements, touchscreen inputs and other unique and difficult to impersonate individual behaviors, BehavioSec continuously authenticates users to stop unauthorized online intrusions.

Today, the BehavioSec platform was recognized as the Best Identity and Access Management Solution by the 2019 Tech Ascension Awards, honoring the very best innovations in cybersecurity. Judged on criteria including technology innovation and uniqueness, market research (analyst reports, media coverage, and customer case studies), hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators, Tech Ascension Awards recipients have proved their technology solves critical industry challenges and produces invaluable business outcomes for their customers.

Said David Campbell, CEO, Tech Ascension Awards. “BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics Platform is recognized for giving customers the power to continuously verify digital identities with superior precision, in real-time using a unique application of behavioral biometrics. BehavioSec turns legacy login defenses into a multi-layered approach, where attackers must do the near impossible – mimic unique human behaviors and idiosyncrasies – to use stolen login information. This technology provides critical protection in a time when credentials susceptible to theft, reuse and abuse are more targeted than ever by cybercriminals.” 

At BehavioSec, we’re giving organizations a new anti-fraud edge with enterprise-grade behavioral biometrics that turn their users and account holders into security’s strongest link with the ability to stop attacks by just “being themselves”. This results not only in greater identity protection for otherwise typically vulnerable login credentials, but fewer breaches, less fraud, and reduced helpdesk and support costs for businesses overall.

The Tech Ascension Award is one of several accolades received by BehavioSec over the years in recognition of its innovative approach to identity security. 

To read more about BehavioSec’s behavioral biometric technologies visit https://www.behaviosec.com/behavioral-biometric-solutions/

For more information about the Tech Ascension Awards, visit http://www.techascensionawards.com