BBC News on biometrics

Tim Bowler of BBC News talks to PayPal and BehavioSec on biometric security and how these systems monitor our behaviour, voice or fingerprints.

In Sweden, behavioural biometrics firm BehavioSec has developed a system, which is already in use in Swedish banks, that focuses on how we behave on our computer or mobile.

“We can capture the rhythm of how users type – the speed between the keystrokes,” says chief executive Neil Costigan.

In collaboration with phone manufacturer Samsung, the firm has also developed a smartphone app which learns and then recognizes the way a phone user enters his or her PIN.

Even if someone else who knows your PIN tries to use your phone, they will not be allowed access, as they would also need to mimic your behaviour to fractions of a second, says BehavioSec.

“It is no longer sufficient to enter the correct password or PIN code, it has to be entered the correct way,” says Mr Costigan.


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