BehavioSec in Samsung apps

BehavioSec and Samsung have collaborated on an App to help with the increasing security issues associated with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. 

With BehavioAppGuard your phone can stay secure even in the hands of others. It provides an excellent opportunity to try out our behavioral biometric technology and still protect your most valuable device.

BehavioAppGuard allows users to choose which Apps that they consider are sensitive to user and need additional layer of security.

Once an App is selected, you simply pick a PIN code or gesture pattern that will display to login to that application.
Your typing and swiping is made into a Behaviometric template by learning the way you enter the code by repeating it a few times in training.
Each time someone else tries to use your phone they will not be allowed access to the sensitive Apps even though they know your code or pattern, as it the would also need to exactly mimic your behavior

  • The more you train your typing/swiping behavior in the app (BehavioAppGuard) the better it gets
  • Longer codes and something you are accustomed to is better as muscle memory develops unique features that BehavioSec technology relies on.
  • Consider this a showcase of BehavioSec technology as an application lock, which can use, transparently, in other apps such as mobile banking and payments
  • Samsung Apps is a marketplace designed to provide a variety of mobile applications especially developed and carefully selected for Samsung Mobile Phones