• Adapts to the user and does not interfere with the normal work flow.
  • Enables workstations to be secure even after the user has logged on to the system.
  • Your behavior is unique and very difficult, if not impossible to copy.

At BehavioSec we believe that great security can be achieved without sacrificing the user experience.

The security is in the unique way that the user enters information, similar to a digital fingerprint. The unique identifier is your behavior.

Technology 101




Today, the user’s standard login credentials function as a gatekeeper to protect from intrusions. But what happens if an intruder has acquired the password or operates on a computer which is already logged on?

A new generation of IT-security solutions

Behaviometrics offers a new generation of information security solutions simply by using the individual itself as its core asset; an asset that is extremely hard to replicate which makes it the ultimate solution against identity theft. Any unauthorized user that could previously access a computer with confidential information either by hacking the password, logging in with stolen credentials, or accessing a logged on computer can now be stopped and the intrusion is prevented while it is happening. BehavioSec exploits this technique by analyzing and measuring characteristics of the human behavior for verification purposes. By analyzing how the user works with the keyboard (i.e., typing rhythm), mouse movements (i.e., acceleration time, click frequencies) and graphical interface interaction (using programs) it is possible to recognize and confirm the identity of a person.

Definition of Behaviometrics

The word “Behaviometrics” derives from the terms “behavioral” and “biometrics”. “Behavioral” refers to the way a human person behaves and “biometrics”, in an information security context, refers to technologies and methods that measure and analyze biological characteristics of the human body for authentication purposes, for example fingerprints, eye retina and voice patterns. In other words Behaviometrics, or behavioral biometrics, is a measurable behavior used to recognize or verify the identity of a person. Behaviometrics focuses on behavioral patterns rather than physical attributes.

Behaviometrics is measuring human behavior in order to recognize or verify the identity of a person.

How it works

Each person has a unique pattern in how they interact with a computer’s main components its keyboard, mouse and graphical user interface. The study of the user’s unique handling of these actions is known as Behaviometrics. A human behavioral pattern consists of a variety of different unique “semi-behaviors”; all mixed together into a larger an utterly more unique profile. Since every persons unique Behaviometric pattern is formed not only by biometric features, like the way you move your hand, but is also influenced by more social and psychological means, like if you are native in the language you write, it is just about impossible to copy or imitate somebody else’s behavior in front of the computer. The behavior of the person typing away on the computer is compared to the stored Behaviometric pattern. Similarities resembling the logged in user are recognized and the software calculates the possibility of it being the correct user.