Behavio Mobile

Key features

  • Add Biometrics to Mobile Apps
  • Behaviometrics through Typing or Swiping
  • Server or Device Matching

Mobile authentication

Mobile Handsets are designed to deliver performance, on restricted hardware. Since there is no ‘built-in security’ commonly found on traditional computers and with mobility it is much more likely to end up in the wrong hands.

Multilayered security in a handheld device

Adding smart card readers, or expecting users to carry One-Time-Password tokens (OTPs) is not realistic. Out-of-band solutions, via SMS etc. are cumbersome and not user friendly.
People pick weak passwords that are easy to remember or just easy to type on a handset and Voice Biometric solutions are expensive and disrupts the user experience.

Multilayered security can be achieved by combining the three pillars; Something you- Have i.e. the phone as a token, Something you Know like your PIN and Something you Are which is your physical or behavioral metrics.

The solution to the mobile security problem

BehavioSec supplies Authentication and Verification through Behaviometrics (behavioral biometrics). ‘Behavio Mobile Security’ is a solution to monitor and analyze behaviour based on the interactions with a mobile device to create complete trustworthy communications.

How does it work?

Each person has their unique behaviour when interacting with a mobile device’s keyboard & user interface. Without affecting the normal workflow, Behavio Mobile Security verifies that it is the correct person handling the phone by monitoring their Behaviometrics. Behavio Mobile Security collects behavioural statistics of the normal usage pattern for example, while entering or swiping a PIN-code, and compares this with previous usage to decide if the users is who they say they are.

Using Behavio Mobile Security

Using our Mobile SDK is easy and will allow your app to learn the users’ Behaviometrics. Within a short time Behavio Mobile Security is accustomed to the user and will present the similarity (or risk value) to the collected behavior in each login or transaction event. This information can be used with existing solutions for Authentication, Risk assessment and signal for anomalies in user behaviour for a step-up verification event.

Client Architecture

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Product summary

  • Increases the security in mobile applications from unauthorized usage.
  • Low cost due to the fact that no special hardware or tokens are required.
  • Easy to integrate into existing mobile application