BehavioSec software allows you to add transparent biometrics for multilayered security.



BehavioSec products identify the user while working on a computer, logging in to a web service or tapping away on a phone.


Our solution can spot an unauthorized access simply by recognizing the interactions of a user while typing, swiping or moving the mouse.

For whom?

Our technology may be used by financial services, social media, and enterprises to receive multilayered security without having to sacrifice the existing workflow.

Security through user behavior

BehavioSec presents the latest in real-time security through the ability to monitor the way users interact with their device. By monitoring the environment and interactions such as typing rhythm or mouse patterns, our technology is able to recognize if someone else other than the intended user is operating the device. If a security breach is detected additional security measures can be carried out to prevent fraud and stop identity theft.


Key Features

  • Continuous authentication system without the need for additional PIN/TAN codes, physical tokens or digital certificates.
  • Award winning technology that recognizes your unique user behavior and creates a profile that cannot be replicated.
  • No impact on usability and the flexibility to adapt to variations in the user’s behavior.

With the same accuracy as a fingerprint

Biometric authenticators are common in high-security situations to identify a person.
BehavioSec software monitors the usage with the same precision and detail by establishing a digital fingerprint, with continuous verification, as if your finger is always present on the reader.

Without any additional hardware or dedicated training

Our software performs its tasks in the background, much like an anti-virus software, silently scanning for anomalous behavior without affecting the normal workflow of the user. It requires no dedicated training to perform its verification. This means that you need not spend time actively teaching the program how to recognize your user behavior; it learns automatically over time. Once enough behaviometrics have been collected, our program automatically configures itself and carries out its task transparently, with low resource usage without impacting the end user.