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Jan 20 2016

BehavioSec and TeleSign partner to protect your mobile identity

We are happy to announce our partnership with TeleSign, the leader in mobile identity solutions. Our agreement will bring behavioral biometrics together with TeleSign’s mobile identity solutions — including mobile number, device and behavior — to authenticate users without interrupting them unnecessarily. Customers like Tinder, Salesforce, GoToMyPC, Evernote, and trust TeleSign’s ability to […]
Jan 13 2016

Financial institutions make informed choices on security

When we think about innovative industries, traditional financial institutions may not be front of mind. Instead the industry has developed a public reputation for stability and consistency. Yet many banks have been showing a different attitude when it comes to security.
Jan 4 2016

Why Behavior Can Be the Most Secure Password

“Consumer choice and convenience are the main drivers. For example, users can complete interactions in the traditional manner or they can use a mobile app that has BehavioSec’s technology in it.
Nov 11 2015

Business Insider: Wish BehavioSec were big in the US

BehavioSec recognized as 1 of 7 companies Business Insider wishes were big in US.
Nov 5 2015


SecureAuth Unveils Behavioral Biometric Technology in Partnership with DARPA-Endorsed BehavioSec IRVINE, CA – November 5, 2015 – SecureAuth Corporation, the leader in adaptive authentication, announced today its partnership with BehavioSec, the top provider of behavioral biometric solutions for multi-layered authentication and verification, and an active participant in a DARPA program driving frictionless user authentication research. Under […]
Oct 15 2015

EBA guidelines

Change management is always present in the digital financial ecosystem where innovations and regulations require organizations to be constantly updated. Our belief is that layers of security working together will be the winning strategy and one key factor is to turn the user experience into the best possible.
Oct 14 2015

WSJ@The Next Security Frontier: The Human Body

BehavioSec additional layer of user friendly security is documented in WSJ’s piece on The Next Security Frontier: The Human Body, by KIM S. NASH.
Oct 2 2015

BehavioSec on SINET16 list of Winners

@BehavioSec joins this year’s #SINET16 list of winners. #SINETDC
Sep 29 2015

Wall Street Journal: Companies move beyond passwords with human behaviour algorithms

BehavioSec received a great mention in Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal, covering BehavioSec’s collaborations with the likes of DARPA and Google.
Sep 23 2015

BehavioSec collaborates with PwC

BehavioSec aims to leverage the PwC global network to get Behavioural biometrics out to the mass market.
Sep 9 2015

TechRadar: Behavioural biometrics – the future of security

“The technology profiles how a person interacts with a website on their mobile device by analysing their typing rhythm, how they hit and release the keys,” says Dr. Neil Costigan, CEO at Swedish IT and security company BehavioSec,
Aug 28 2015

BehavioSec in Norwegian News

“3.3 million Norwegians keystrokes dynamics are collected when logging into online banking”   “We are around 99% sure that you are who you claim to be, says Neil Costigan CEO BehavioSec”
Aug 24 2015

Embracing biometrics to tackle banking fraud

The industry needs to embrace a layered approach to security – that reduces the burden on consumers. Read the full article here
Aug 10 2015

Help Net Security – Disrupting trust models

“Digital banking fraud is a major headache for banks. According to Financial Fraud Action UK, online fraud exploded in 2014, resulting in £60.4 million in losses – a 48% increase on the previous year.”
Jul 31 2015

BehavioSec is listed as one of the top inventions from DARPA @ AOL

Compared to the agency’s newer projects, GPS and the Internet seem almost old-fashioned.
Jul 30 2015

BehavioSec in Tom’s guide

Passwords can be cracked and fingerprints can be stolen, but a new kind of technology called behavioral biometrics can turn how you type into a strong means of verifying your identity. Read the full article here
Jul 29 2015

BehavioSec in Planet Biometrics

Costigan said in response to the app’s development: ”We are delighted that researchers are looking at our technology. We are an academic-based company ourselves and this one of the reasons we are the only firm that has put live proof of concept demos of our system online.” – Read the full article here
Jun 22 2015

BehavioSec in Payments Source

Mobile Users’ Habits Aid Biometric Security in Payments, Banking Read the full article here
Jun 15 2015

BehavioSec won the BNP Hackathon in Paris

BehavioSec won Phase 1 in the BNP Paribas International Hackaton in Paris.
Jun 9 2015

BehavioSec in Business Insider

Passwords could soon be going the way of the dodo as digital security gets more sophisticated. One company that could help kill the password is BehavioSec.
Jun 5 2015

BehavioSec in bobsguide

“Financial services and the all-important triangle of privacy, convenience, and security”
Jun 2 2015

BehavioSec nominated to win Best Cyber Security at The Europas

BehavioSec is nominated and shortlisted among four other companies as the Best Cyber Security Startup. For more information go to The Europas event page.  
Jun 1 2015

Behavioral Biometrics “stole the show”* at Google I/O

Multi-modal biometrics: ATAP is hoping to kill the password with a system that detects the nuances of a user’s voice, typing patterns, facial features, and location. All of these factors feed into a “trust score” that apps can use authenticate.
May 14 2015

BehavioSec and Samsung partner up

BehavioSec has joined Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program. “We at BehavioSec have worked with Samsung before and they have truly become leaders in BYOD solutions with KNOX. We are delighted to be invited to participate in their enterprise security initiative. ” Says Neil Costigan BehavioSec CEO  
Apr 29 2015

BehavioSec in the FinTech book

Behavioural biometrics — a new era of security BehavioSec has contributed to “The FinTech Book”.
Mar 30 2015

The password you can’t forget. BehavioSec featured in Help Net Security.

This year’s Mobile World Congress featured more biometrics technology than ever before and there can be no doubt that biometrics is creeping into the consumer conscience, but are biometrics ready for the enterprise?
Mar 30 2015

The password you can’t forget. BehavioSec featured in Help Net Security.

This year’s Mobile World Congress featured more biometrics technology than ever before and there can be no doubt that biometrics is creeping into the consumer conscience, but are biometrics ready for the enterprise?
Mar 23 2015

BehavioSec featured in BBC News

The new rise of biometric banking BBC News review the different trends in bank security. Featuring BehavioSec CEO Dr. Neil Costigan.
Mar 5 2015

BehavioSec nominated for the Brand of the year

BehavioSec are nominated for the Brand of the year when Luleå Business Agency organizes Luleå Business Awards.
Feb 20 2015

Meet the Fintech 50 in FT Journal

BehavioSec is featured in FT Journal about the Fintech 50 and Behavioral biometrics in Financial Services.
Feb 9 2015

BehavioSec on Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Money

Fast Company has named BehavioSec a top 10 Most Innovative Company of 2015 in Money.
Feb 3 2015

The Impact of Privacy and Data Protection Legislation on Biometric Authentication

Today as never before, users are sharing personal information, and over the past few years this data increasingly includes biometric data.
Jan 30 2015

BehavioSec Fintech50 2015

BehavioSec once again made the cut to be the top most influential leaders in the FIntech City London. Read more in Tech City Insider
Jan 15 2015

BehavioSec in PlanetBiometrics

PlanetBiometrics recently interviewed our CEO Neil Costigan on biometrics and banking. The conversation sheds further light on some of the recent developments, making BehavioSec technology viable for today’s mobile market.
Dec 9 2014

BehavioSec lands €5 million from Northzone and Octopus to fuel international growth

With millions of users across the Nordics, BehavioSec is the leading behavioral biometrics security company targeting the fintech industry. Northzone is pleased announce a €5 million financing round together with Octopus Ventures.
Oct 8 2014

New Frontier Group and BehavioSec: A new strategic partnership

New Frontier Group, a leader in digital transformation in CEE, has announced their decision to partner with BehavioSec by implementing our behavioral authentication into their Online Banking solution called iBanking.
Oct 6 2014

Best of Show at FinDEVr, San Francisco 2014

Our team won audience support and earned Best of Show at the first ever FinDEVr conference in San Francisco.
Sep 25 2014

Forget passwords – what if your unique behaviour becomes the key to get in?

Password can be cracked, but your behaviour can’t be copied. Meet Sweden-based BehavioSec, whose technology analyses each person’s unique biological characteristics for authentication purposes. Read the full article in
Sep 17 2014

Securing your identity – It’s in your DNA

BehavioSec business development director Calum Macleod talks about identity theft and the solution ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken’-Oscar Wilde.
Aug 28 2014

Newsletter September 2014

BehavioSec offers the latest in real-time security by monitoring the way users interact with their devices. Want to read more about how BehavioSec is making waves in the media with our frictionless biometric security?
Aug 19 2014

BehavioSec in Forbes

Forget Passwords. Now Banks Can Track Your Typing Behavior On Phones. Read the whole article in Forbes.
Aug 11 2014

Hottest startups 2014

Wired UK has listed Europe’s hottest startups with BehavioSec on the top
Jul 30 2014

BehavioSec in Computer World

Mobile security: A mother lode of new tools According to Goode, Stockholm based BehavioSec offers the most mature ID system that uses behavior analytics.
Jul 14 2014

Wall Street Journal on BehavioSec

BehavioSec has been featured in a Wall Street Journal article as leaders in frictionless behavioural user verification & authentication.
Mar 11 2014

DARPA research goes mobile

BehavioSec is working on  phase 2 of the Active Authentication program.
Jan 8 2014

BehavioSec Joins the FIDO Alliance

BehavioSec Joins the FIDO Alliance to Contribute to Universal Strong Authentication for Mobile, Enterprise and Web
Nov 14 2013

BehavioSec best of show

At Finovate Asia Neil Costigan, BehavioSec CEO, received the award for demonstrating our Behavioral analytics for online transactions.
Nov 5 2013

Danske Bank deploys BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics Technology

Danske Bank is well known for providing their customers with great user experience. In their effort to further constantly challenge and increase user experience, they began moving into easy-to-handle strong security unified across platforms and devices.
Sep 23 2013

Finovate Fall Presentation

CEO Neil Costigan at Finovate Fall 2013 in New York.
Mar 8 2013

BehavioSec in Wired UK

Featured in Wired UK – as one of Europe’s hottest startups.
May 10 2012

Best of Show @ Finovate

BehavioSec voted best in show at Finovate ASIA   After a demo of our behavioral biometric solution for online transaction to enhance e.g. e-commerce checkout, BehavioSec got voted best of show at Finovate Asia in Singapore.
May 10 2012

Finovate Spring 2012 Winner ‘Best of Show’

BehavioSec is delighted to be named ‘best of show’ at Finovate 2012 in San Francisco 
Apr 25 2012

Gartner Cool Vendor

BehavioSec today announced that it has been chosen as one of the “Cool Vendors” in Identity Access Management, 2012 report by Gartner, Inc.
Mar 20 2012

DARPA’s Active Authentication initiative

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, famous for creating inter-networking that became the Internet, have generated a lot of buzz in the area of Behaviometrics and Continuous Authentication which BehavioSec have been advocating since we started.
Dec 1 2011

Spin-off company of the year

BehavioSec was rewarded as “this year´s spin-off” from Luleå University of Technology.
Sep 22 2011

Behaviosec CTO speaking at RSA China

The agenda for the RSA Conference China 2011 Information Security Forum is confirmed.
Sep 12 2011

Mobile demonstration videos & demo apps

We at BehavioSec are showing the answer to the mobile security problem in these short videos.
Aug 24 2011

BehavioSec nominated for security awards

BehavioSec has been nominated in the IT security solution of the Year category in Security Awards, held by the Swedish industry periodical Skydd & Säkerhet.
Mar 8 2011

BehavioSec in Biometric Solutions

BehavioSec is featured as a software provider of Keystroke Dynamics at Biometric Solutions
Nov 10 2010

Behavio Web in 451 analysis

BehavioSec re-architects for the browser, makes antifraud play.  Is a Market Development report written by the 451 group analyst Steve Coplan. It gives the reader an understanding of the new web product line as well as insights to the impact it will have on the market place. Access the full report here (reading the report requires the […]
Sep 30 2010

SWIFT/Innotribe start-up challenge at Sibos

BehavioSec has been selected to participate at Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam 28 October. Listen to our pitch at the Start-Up competition, between 12:30 – 14:00 in the interactive workspace. The best start-ups and ideas from various 2010 events are brought together in this “dragon’s den”. In front of the audience and a panel of judges the […]
Jun 1 2010

Pitch Slam Stockholm

BehavioSec was runner up in the Pitch Slam event taking place at Microsoft Sweden.


Apr 13 2016

Temenos Innovation Jam

BehavioSec to present at Temenos Innovation Jam in London,13 April. Venue: Level 39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf Find out more and register here
Apr 04 2016

Money 2020 Europe

BehavioSec will attend Money 2020 Europe in Copenhagen
Mar 22 2016

Biometrics Institute – Financial Services Seminar

BehavioSec will speak at Biometrics Institute – Financial Services Seminar. Read more and register here
Mar 17 2016


Presentation at Business Security Forum CeBit Halle 6.
Mar 14 2016


Book a meeting with us during the RSA Conference. See you at booth #416.  
Feb 29 2016

RSA 2016

Book a meeting with us during the RSA Conference. You will find our booth @ North Expo #N4901 Welcome!

Past events

Feb 04 2016

IQT Technology Focus Days: Enabling Enterprise Mobility

BehavioSec to present at the IQT Technology Focus Days: Enabling Enterprise Mobility.
Jan 27 2016

Nordic Mobile Commerce & Payments

We will evangelize continuous authentication and demo our latest innovation.
Jan 25 2016

Business Innovation Observatory Conference – Disrupting the future

BehavioSec will be attending at Disrupting the Future
Dec 08 2015

FinTech Connect Live 2015

8th-9th Dec,  2015, London Meet us at Wembley Stadium.
Dec 07 2015

Gartner Identity & Access Management

7th – 9th Dec,  2015, Las Vegas
Nov 26 2015

Biometrics in Banking and Payments

26th Nov,  2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 26 2015

Annual Cyber Security Conference

26th Nov, Luxembourg. PwC Luxembourg Office