Continuous Authentication

Continuous Authentication, Enterprise edition

Our product adds a new layer of security; protecting the computer after the user has logged in.

BehavioSec develops and markets the innovative Enterprise security software Behavio. Behavio is the final solution towards unauthorized access in computerized systems. Without replacing traditional methods Behavio protects laptops and desktops from insider abuse and renders unauthorized access harmless.

A new layer of protection

After log in; Behavio will continuously verify that the person sitting at the computer is, in fact, the authenticated user. Adding a new layer of security by protecting the computer while it is being used.

Deploying Behavio will allow all workstations to be secure even after the user has logged on to the system. Where existing token based products (such as passwords and smart cards) can be copied and stolen, your behavior is unique and cannot be copied. Even if you leave the workstation and forget to sign out your computer stays protected.
How does it work?

Without affecting the normal workflow Behavio monitors the user’s unique behavior and continuously authenticates the active user’s behavior with a stored profile. Behavio detects unfamiliar behavior and alarms or shuts down the intruder.

With our solution, the administrator can set a detection threshold that allows for variances in the everyday behavior. The threshold can be set higher for highly critical accounts and lower for users that do not handle such critical data. The benefit is that false rejects and false accepts is directly associated with the threshold level and allows for explicitly defined individual risk mitigation. The system is also adaptive in that it is constantly updating on how the user is interacting with the computer in their normal fashion and it does not require specific training.
Product summary


Product summary

  • A Continuous Authentication system that secures the computer after the user has been verified with traditional security measures.
  • Innovative technology that exploits the user’s unique behavior while using a keyboard and mouse to create a token that cannot be replicated.
  • Behaviometrics has no impact on usability and adapts to the user’s varying behavior during a normal workday.

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