• Adapts to the user and does not interfere with the normal work flow.
  • Enables workstations to be secure even after the user has logged on to the system.
  • Your behavior is unique and very difficult, if not impossible to copy.

At BehavioSec we believe that great security can be achieved without sacrificing the user experience.

The security is in the unique way that the user enters information, similar to a digital fingerprint. The unique identifier is your behavior.

Biometrics in Banking and Payments

26th Nov,  2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Annual Cyber Security Conference

26th Nov, Luxembourg. PwC Luxembourg Office  


FinTech Connect Live 2015

8th-9th Dec,  2015, London Meet us at Wembley Stadium.


Gartner Identity & Access Management

7th - 9th Dec,  2015, Las Vegas

BehavioSec Inc. (Swedish Reg. Behaviometrics AB) is a Swedish award winning company that was selected as "top ten most innovative companies of 2015 in FastCompany Money" and Wired Magazine listed as one of "Europe's 100 hottest startups".
BehavioSec collaborates with the top financial institutions and technology leaders across the world to achieve integrity online with behaviour transformed to an additional security layer. Business drivers are to improve customer experience by real-time identity verification.
  • Automated fraud analytics

    Reduce manual review using an automated, adaptive, self-learning system.

  • Speed-up Alert investigations

    Reduce false positives by user behaviour of Who They Are NOT What device/Where they are.

  • Detect financial crime

    Incorporates cloud based anomaly detection and history of prior fraudulent users

  • Spot anomalies in real-time

    Behaviosec delivers a risk “score,” on behavioural biometrics and includes suggested risk levels to allow you to make decisions to block, flag or allow.

  • Understand the data

    An integral part of BehavioSec algorithm is an analysis of individual data attributes for each field entered.

  • Improve customer experience

    Make real-time, automated fraud decisions to reduce false positives and chargebacks.

FinovateFall 2015

Finovate Europe 2014


If you want to know more about our company, products or licensing, please fill out the form below.You can also contact us directly at contact@behaviosec.com for general inquires and support@behaviosec.com if you are an existing client.





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Runway East 9th Floor 207 Old Street London EC1V 9NR

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Jakobs torg 3 SE-11152 Stockholm, Sweden


We commissioned a legal memorandum with international law firm, Osborne Clarke earlier this year, which concluded that behavioral biometric technology enhances the contractual relationship between a bank and its customer.

Behavioral Biometrics is the measurement of human behavioral characteristics, such as gestural, voice, key stroke dynamics, mouse movements, which are unique to each individual, in order to verify a person’s identity.

BehavioSec protect millions of online accounts from financial fraud on a daily basis. Mainly web or mobile banking applications are using our service to protect your identity

To make sure that an incorrect user could taint the behavioral profile BehavioSec puts all incoming data into a quarantine. It is not until the data has been declared as valid that it will enter the profile. When an intruder is detected all data in the quarantine is removed.

BehavioSec will adapt to the changes in the user’s behavior. By allowing small variances in the current input compared to the profile it will allow the user to gradually change the behavior. BehavioSec is studying the behavior as a whole and by looking at multiple aspects of the behavior a user can fail (depending on the degree of the failure) on some of them as long as the others are showing that it is the correct user.

On drastic changes such if the user breaks an arm the administrator has to temporarily disable affected profile or to lower the sensitivity of the software. This is similarily to a user resetting their password

The company and core research stems back to 2006 when students at the Luleå University of technology first invented and patented the BehavioSec technology. The founders then teamed up with senior researchers and security executives to launch it internationally with funding from successful venture capital firms from the Nordic and UK region in 2014.

BehavioSec is an company with its roots in academia from northern Sweden. We are working with some of the largest financial institutions and most innovative technology organizations in the world to make sure to protect you against fraud and identity theft.

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